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10 Point Checklist to Ensure That Google Will Love Your Website This Year

When is the last time you’ve given your website a Google checkup? Just as your patients’ teeth needs regular exams and care, your dentistry website is no different. And just as every toothbrush must have toothpaste to be effective, your website needs Google if you are going to maximize your marketing results year in and year out. Why do you need Google? It’s pretty simple.

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How to Set Your 2015 Marketing Budget

They always say you have to spend money to make money, and when it comes to online advertising that statement couldn’t be truer. As a dental professional, you’re probably used to spending money on things like yellow pages ads, maybe even TV commercials. Then there’s direct mail, branded marketing products like keychains and Frisbees; heck, you may have even shelled out for a spread in the Sunday newspaper. But then online marketing comes along and everyone wants to know – how much money do I …

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What’s Working NOW to Get New Patients

Many of the dental professionals we work with want to get right down to brass tacks. They want to know what’s working right now to drive traffic, improve engagement and deliver high-quality patients to call or walk through the office doors. Our best answer, in a nutshell, is social media and direct mail. Both of those methods are not only working, they’re driving new business to the extreme. Let’s explore these concepts now before we delve into how to use them for maximum …

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Top 10 Marketing Tactics Guaranteed To Attract New Patients in 2015

Over the next 3 weeks, we’re going to give you guides, cheat sheets, call scripts, checklists, and more! These are some of our most closely guarded “secrets” & tools.

Basically, we’re “Opening Up the Kimono” on our secret sauce that some of the biggest practices in the US are using, RIGHT NOW.

We’re giving you an inside look at the EXACT tools and methods we use that are working TODAY to bring in new patients.

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Top 10 Trends in Dental Marketing for 2015

Are you looking to shake things up this year? Are you ready to start the year off fresh? You might want to start by following the experts. Lucky for you, we travel around the country, visiting with dentists and advising them on their digital marketing strategies, and so we get to learn first-hand what works and what doesn’t. To give you an edge this year, and to show you what we’ve learned, here are ten dental marketing trends that are sure to earn you a …

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Why Use Remarketing – The Best and Fastest Way to Score New Patients Online

There’s a powerful new marketing technique that allows you to pitch your online dentistry ads to people that have already visited your website, and you should be using it starting today.

It works like this: a person lands on your website and maybe browses around, but then they leave. With remarketing, that individual will continue to see your ads even while they’re spending time on other websites. The person may land on Facebook, Google, CBS Sports or the website of the New York Times. Everywhere …

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The Power of Dental Remarketing – A Powerful Way to Attract New Patients

For years, marketers have tried to figure out how to track people throughout the Internet. Doing so would allow them to pitch their marketing messages to specific people, not just all people en masse. That’s what ‘billboards’ are supposed to do, aren’t they? They’re meant to pitch a message to many different people, whether those individuals are interested in the message or not.

But there’s a new marketing technique that is so powerful, it only targets those who are in fact interested in what you’re …

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What Is Dentist’s Office Remarketing? A Simple Breakdown

Dental marketers have long attempted to figure out how to capture the attention of people who land on your website but then bounce without leaving their info. If you have an opt-in box, a person who lands on your site can leave their name and email address, allowing you to contact them later. But what happens when a person bounces from your site and doesn’t leave a thing?

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How to Use Dental Remarketing to Track and Follow New Patients Online

Dental remarketing is the process for tagging, tracking and following quality new patients across the web. While this may sound creepy, it’s actually one of the latest and most powerful methods for attracting dentistry patients right now, and that spells great things for your dental office.

What follows are some great ideas you can use in your own remarketing campaigns to lure, attract and schedule a slew of new patient appointments. But first, you should understand what this concept is all about.

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Quick Remarketing Ideas to Lure New Dental Patients Your Way

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tag everyone who visited your website for the purposes of luring them back at some point in the future? Well now you can. It’s called ‘Remarketing’ and it’s the latest and greatest technique used by expert dental marketers to lure patients to growing practices all over the country. Are your competitors using this innovative dentistry advertising technique? You’d better jump on board before they do.

Luckily, jumping on board isn’t as difficult as you might think. …

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