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Why a Local Business Should NOT Use Twitter!

Life can be one big distraction. In no area is this truer than with small business owners, where time energy is being pulled every direction every day. Is Twitter one of those distractions? For most small local businesses, YES. First, what exactly is a Local Business…

“A Local Business is a company which provides goods or services to a local population.”
– Businesss Dictionary

These are businesses where customers usually drive there to get what they need, and search engines usually include a map in …

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What does Penguin 2.0 Mean to You, the Small Business Owner?

If your business relies on Google for leads, it is important to keep up with the changes to the algorithm. The latest change occurred on May 22 of this year, just a few days ago. Known as Penguin 2.0, it’s said to affect 2.3% of all search rankings. Was your business affected? Let’s take a look at what Penguin 2.0 entails, and what the changes could mean for your business.

What Does Penguin Look Like?

It’s important to distinguish – the “Penguin” algorithmic penalty affects …

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Top 20 Blog Post Ideas for SMBs

One of the best ways to keep your company relevant in the minds of consumers is to maintain a regularly updated blog. According to blogging platform, nearly 400 million people read 4.1 billion WP blog pages a month. There are two lessons to glean from those numbers. One is that people still read blogs. The other is that there is lots of competition out there. In order to keep your blog fresh, entertaining and enticing for your targeted readership, you need a go-to …

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Easier Google MapMaker Interface Rolls Out to the US – Finally!

Earlier this month, Mike Blumenthal reported that Google MapMaker users in Canada were experiencing an incredibly easy time using the service. Meanwhile, US Map Maker users were having a heck of a time navigating the platform and getting anything done. As Blumenthal reported on his blog, “I totally agree that the standard MapMaker interface is a total kludge. Only the most persistent and geeky can find their way around there. But there is a new simplified MapMaker interface being rolled out in Canada that makes …

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Google Local vs. Google Places vs. Google+ Business: Can We Please Stop the Madness?

If you’ve recently found yourself confused over the recent Google local mess of names and platforms, you’re not alone. SEOs and SMBs alike are left scratching their heads as they attempt to make sense of what Google undoubtedly hoped was a smooth transition: The merging of their local platforms into a more streamlined business marketing tool. Did it work? Hardly. These are the current Google platforms that business owners may or may not have to contend with.

  • Google Local (Formerly Google Places)
  • Google+ Business Page
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Search Rankings Vs. Traffic and Conversions- Which Is Better for Determining Site Performance?

In my experience, too many business owners and marketing managers focus on search engine rankings to determine SEO success. While high rankings typically promise floods of traffic, they’re not the best way to measure the success of your site or the success of the individual processes you use to make your site successful. Like that last sentence, many business owners find website Analytics to be highly-confusing. So it’s no wonder why many rely on rankings to let them know what’s working. I’m about to show …

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Is Facebook’s Transition to Local Search a Threat to Google?

Facebook is taking on local search in an unprecedented move that could change the local landscape as we know it. The social network rolled out Facebook Graph Search on January 15th and mobile-friendly Facebook Nearby nearly a month before that. While Facebook claims that the services aren’t meant to take on web search specifically, many are left wondering if Google should be scared. While we’re on the subject, what about Yelp or Foursquare? At least one expert says that the answer to that question lies …

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A Phone Call With Google+ & Places Support – Our impressions, directions, & takeaways

Google Now Providing Phone Support for Places Verification – What Took So Long?

Back in May of 2012, in a move that angered and confused many business owners, Google began to merge its Google+ and Places platforms together to form Google+ Local. The transition was so clunky that blogger Mike Blumenthal labeled the entire debacle a train wreck.  Now it appears that Google is attempting to clean up the wreckage and provide a little assistance for a change. While I can’t believe this is …

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Google MapMaker Updates & It’s Impact on Google+ / Places Listings

Google MapMaker is Google’s mapping interface to coincide with its Maps program (which is a direct feed to all business listings – keep this in mind as it’s very important to be aware of). For those areas where Google can’t map accurately, the MapMaker platform allows users to contribute and make changes to existing map data. Google hopes that this will result in an accurate mapping platform that will help search users locate their favorite local hot spots and businesses, namely yours. By using MapMaker, …

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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Authorship Markup By Now

It has been a little over a year and a half since Google announced its initiative to begin supporting Authorship markup in the search results. This search engine feature uses rich snippets to match individual authors to their content pages. We predict that this feature will be a determining factor in SEO in the coming years (more to come on that soon). If you hope to remain competitive in 2013 (and prepare yourself for the future), here are five reasons why you should be implementing …

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