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10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Dental Marketing Contract

You’ve conducted the proper research, you’ve analyzed its track record and now you’re ready to give your new dental marketing company a spin. There’s just one thing – they want you to sign a contract.

Signing a marketing contract is a big commitment, even if it’s only set to last a few months. Take the wrong turn or fail to read the fine print and you could find yourself out thousands and facing a whole lot of problems that weren’t there before. To help …

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Is Your Dental Marketing Company Google Certified?

Statistically, dental professionals are very hands-on and particular about how their businesses are run. So if you are currently working with a dental marketing company or you’re about to hire one, it’s a very good bet that you’ve done plenty of homework up to this point. You’ve checked the company’s track record, analyzed their processes and made your decision based on hard-nosed science – but did you check to see if the company is certified?

Just as you would never hire an unlicensed contractor to …

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Doing Your Homework Before Hiring a Dental Marketing Company

Life for the average dental professional was so much easier before digital marketing hit the scene, wasn’t it? Back then, to market your dental practice, you only needed to purchase an ad in the Yellow Pages and maybe the Sunday edition of your local newspaper.

Today, it’s not so easy to attract dental patients. The Yellow Pages and local news rag just won’t cut it anymore for the hungry dental professional who always wants more – more success, more patients and more money coming in …

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How Should a Dentist Go About Switching Marketing Companies?

The marketing company you had high hopes for dropped the ball and now you’re ready to make the switch. Before you pick up the phone and let loose a Trump-style, ‘You’re Fired!’, you might want to step back, take a deep breath and pull out the following checklist. This is how you can take control of your online content, avoid retribution and make the switch to a new marketing company so that it’s a seamless experience free of headaches. I’ve even included a script of …

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10 Ways to Spot a Dental Marketing Scam

Are you one of many dental professionals who has spent hard earned money investing in marketing companies, only to see few to no results?

A dentist I recently spoke with in California told me he had spent over $120,000 on his website over the past 8 years or so.


You’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are predators out there waiting to take advantage of you. Dentists make a lot of money and don’t pay attention and therefore are easy to scam, right?

Not true, but …

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Why Dental Offices Should NOT Use Twitter!

Life can be one big distraction. In no area is this truer than with dental practice owners, where time and energy are being pulled in every direction every single day. Is Twitter one of those distractions? For most dental practices, YES. First, what exactly is a Dental Practice…

A Dental Practice is a small-to-medium sized business that provides dental goods and services to a local population.

These are offices where patients usually go when they need their teeth cleaned, for example, and the search engines …

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What does Penguin 2.0 Mean to You, the Dental Practice Owner?

If your dental office relies on Google for leads, it is important to keep up with the changes to the algorithm. The latest change occurred on May 22 of this year, just a few days ago. Known as Penguin 2.0, it’s said to affect 2.3% of all search rankings. Was your business affected? Let’s take a look at what Penguin 2.0 entails, and what the changes could mean for your dental practice.

What Does Penguin Look Like?

It’s important to distinguish the fact that the …

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Top 20 Blog Post Ideas for Dental Professionals

One of the best ways to keep your dental practice in the minds of patients is to maintain a regularly updated blog. According to blogging platform, nearly 400 million people read 4.1 billion WP blog pages a month. There are two lessons to glean from those numbers. One is that people still read blogs. The other is that there is lots of competition out there. In order to keep your blog fresh, entertaining and enticing current patients and prospects alike, you need a …

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Easier Google MapMaker Interface Rolls Out to the US – Finally!

Earlier this month, Mike Blumenthal reported that Google MapMaker users in Canada were experiencing an incredibly easy time using the service. Meanwhile, US Map Maker users were having a heck of a time navigating the platform and getting anything done. As Blumenthal reported on his blog, “I totally agree that the standard MapMaker interface is a total kludge. Only the most persistent and geeky can find their way around there. But there is a new simplified MapMaker interface being rolled out in Canada that makes …

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Google Local vs. Google Places vs. Google+ Business: Can We Please Stop the Madness?

If you’ve recently found yourself confused over the recent Google local mess of names and platforms, you’re not alone. SEOs and dental professionals alike are left scratching their heads as they attempt to make sense of what Google undoubtedly hoped would be a smooth transition: The merging of their local platforms into a more streamlined business marketing tool. Did it work? Hardly. These are the current Google platforms that dental practice owners may or may not have to contend with.

  • Google Local (Formerly Google Places)
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