What Does Your Website Need to Attract More Dental Implant Patients?

When your goal is to improve the size and scope of your practice, one of the best ways to do that is to attract more high-quality dental implant patients.

The great thing about promoting dental implants is that the rewards aren’t all one-sided. You will be fixing your patients’ smiles, helping them achieve untold amounts of confidence.

Due to your implant treatments, your patients may go on to land that dream job, meet that dream date or otherwise fulfill some lifelong goal – a goal that was out of reach as long as the person’s smile problems got in the way. In order to gather as many implant patients as possible from your local area, a dental implant page on your website is the order of the day. What should that page include? Here’s a complete list of everything you should discuss if you hope to land more implant patients and achieve the success you’re after.

Premium Aesthetics

In order to successfully advertise dental implant treatments, you need to convey value. Be prepared to make the dedicated implant page as lavish as possible. If you need to find a digital marketing service to help you, spend the time and invest in a company that can unify your web presence with soothing colors, high-quality images and other media, such as engaging text and videos. Trying to do the work yourself or throwing it to a staff member who is unqualified is a bad move, especially when you consider the money your competitors are likely putting into their dental implant pages. Go all out and you’re more likely to pull a high return on your marketing investment.

Engaging Content

We recently spoke of text and videos. This is the content that will comprise your dental implant marketing message. That content needs to be educational, informative and, if possible, entertaining. Never focus on you or the practice in general. Focus on the patient and emphasize the results patients will gain by choosing you over all the other implant professionals in town. Let patients know how improved their lives will become. Convince them of the surge in self-confidence they’ll experience, and help them see that they’ll soon achieve a complete return to oral function. Do this on every page you discuss implants, do it via YouTube videos that you feature on your site, and write a few blogs forcing readers to envision a whole new them.

Eye-Catching Photos

Images are also part of your website content. Every image you decide to decorate your site with should be crisp and large enough to make out. While images of dental implants themselves are always helpful, it’s better to supply your site with images of smiling people. Dental implant wearers are a good idea, before and after shots and even pics of the dental professional and staff will do well to warm a patient to the idea of scheduling an appointment.

Educational Qualifications & Level of Experience

Patients want to know that they’re choosing the best implant specialist for the job. They don’t want just anyone fiddling in their mouth with sharp objects, screwing metal posts into their jawbones. Your patients instead want a professional who is highly-educated and experienced, so go ahead and boast – right on your implants page – about your schooling, your continued education and about all the implant patients you’ve worked on in the past. Brag about yourself and your accomplishments. This is not the time to be modest.

Available Treatment Options

For best results, describe your treatment options in terms that patients can easily understand. Speak of fixing broken teeth, and of repairing that hole in your patient’s smile. Mention that implants can hold dentures and bridges in place, and that they’re the most realistic alternative to tooth loss currently available. For your website, stick to the simplest explanations. You can delve into the more complex details during your comprehensive assessment of the patient and subsequent appointments.

Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, you will want your website to answer all the questions your patients might have before they get around to calling or walking-in. You can accomplish this by providing educational and informative (and entertaining) articles on your website, blogs and videos. You will also do well to provide a page dedicated strictly to the most frequently asked questions. What are implants made out of? How much do they cost? How long is the recovery time? If you can answer these questions before you ever visit with your patients for the first time, you’ll be able to zoom through the initial consultation so that you can move right to scheduling the first implant procedure.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Few dental professionals list their prices on their website. This is because they don’t want to deter patients who might find a lower price elsewhere. But why not list your prices? What are you hiding? If a competitor prices implants lower than you, your patients are going to find out anyway. You might as well list your prices, which shows your patients that you are confident of the true value of the procedure, and it sets you apart as a professional who is transparent about all business practices, including pricing and billing. You’ll also save time, as patients who know your prices beforehand are less likely to call to ask about pricing. If they call, it’s going to be for the purposes of scheduling an appointment, which is precisely what you want.

Discount Offers

You can also set yourself apart on your dental implant page by offering special pricing for new patients, or price matching if a competitor does undercut you. Experiment with different offers and improve upon the specials being offered by the other implant professionals in town.

Reviews & Testimonials

These days an online review or testimonial is trusted as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Instead of allowing your reviews to exist ‘somewhere online’, gather them together and place them directly on your website. A dedicated Review Us page letting patients know how to leave reviews, and a testimonials page showcasing actual patients can go a long way towards separating you from any competitors in your local area.

YouTube Videos

Earlier we mentioned videos. These can be filmed easily with any smartphone or web cam and then uploaded to YouTube for free. Or you can hire a professional film crew. Either way, video is a great way to establish an early first impression and to separate your dental practice from the pack. Some good ideas are video testimonials featuring your most loyal patients and introduction videos where you introduce yourself and your team. Or you could film yourself describing the process for placing implants or the results patients can expect to receive. These videos can also be shared on social media, thus expanding your digital reach.

Calls-to-Action & Easy To Contact

With a comprehensive website that properly sells the implant idea to the patient, there’s only one thing left to do – convince the web visitor to take action. On every page, in the header of your website, in the footer and in the sidebars, you should place calls-to-action that urge the visitor to call, walk-in, email or submit a contact form. A simple, “Call us now to totally transform your smile with dental implants!” will suffice. Remember to hail the benefits of the procedure and you’ll get far better results.

Your patients are only a single dental implant away from becoming the new them they’ve always wanted to be. Help them realize their dreams by populating your website with the above information.

Or let us design your website for you to really entice patients to opt for dental implants, or any of your other premium dental services.

Original post was published 02/12/2015. Information has been updated as of 11/29/2016 to reflect the most current information available.

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