How Does Video Help Dental Implant Marketing?

Ask any expert about dental implant marketing and at some point video marketing is bound to come up. Nothing engages quite like dental video marketing. In fact, according to the US Department of Labor, visual stimuli accounts for 83% of human learning. And when compared to auditory stimuli, the retention rate for visual stimuli is six times higher. The Wharton School of Sales Presentations also found that sales presentations are 70% more effective with visual aids.


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When you’re discussing dental implants with patients you are largely selling to those individuals. You’re attempting to convince them to opt for one of your premium treatments. Why not do it with dental video marketing? You’ve already heard the science, now understand the facts.

Online Video Facts

Imagine your average implant patient searching online for adequate treatment. That person lands on your website, watches a dental marketing video and instantly becomes interested in calling or walking-in to schedule an appointment. Sound like magic? Nope, that’s the power of video.

A study by Internet Retailer found that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to make a purchase. This goes for ecommerce sites and implant sites alike – anywhere a product or service is sold. Google and MSN have also reported that video marketing can increase web sales by up to 73%. Video marketed services like dental implants see more traffic, more click-throughs and earn far more revenue when a well-produced video (or several) are in play.

Videos are also mobile friendly. The 2012 Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey found that 40% of consumers reported that videos increased their likelihood of making a purchase on a mobile device.

But before you slap a dental marketing video on your website, it’s important to understand why videos are so effective. For this, I invite you to step into the shoes of your average implant patient. Or rather, your average implant prospect before that person becomes one of your patients. That person lands on your website, views your video and…well, here’s what happens.

Marketing Implants with Video – The Effects

A Good First Impression: With video your average prospect gets to you know you and your dental practice without ever having to step inside your office. This can be accomplished with you speaking directly to the camera, or by showing plenty of smiling faces within the office. The plain fact is that video helps people feel trust and respect for you and your services, even if they’ve never been in the same room with you. This is the same reason politicians try to get on TV. Everyone loves people on video. As an implant marketer, you can definitely use this to your advantage.

Exposure: Your patients can experience what it’s like to sit in your dental chair anywhere and anytime – that’s the power of dental video marketing. With the right video, your marketing message could go viral, reaching prospects locally and in faraway nations.  This may not serve your needs now, but it will serve the needs of those professionals who advertise dental tourism. Imagine attracting patients as far away as China for your dental implant procedures. With video marketing, such a scenario is definitely feasible.

A Search Engine Boost: A patient searching for dental implants is probably going to use a search engine like Google. And if your practice doesn’t show up on the first page, the likelihood of your treatments being considered is next to nil. People are impatient, and some could argue that most people are just plain lazy. Whatever the reason, most people are not going to flip past page one of the Google search results to search for the products and services they need. This means you need to be on page one of Google no matter what.

Having video will increase your chances of being found online, in Google, Bing, MSN or any other search engine. It’s even been found that having a video on your website increases your chances of being found on Google’s first page by more than half. That’s great, but what good is being found if people don’t click on your result? Well, get this: Video results get 41% more click-throughs than plain-text results.

The fact is, video engages, and it does so to a far greater degree than text or other media. It catches the eye. Video hypnotizes, and for that reason it’s always the best bet when it comes to search engine optimization.

How to Use Dental Marketing Videos for Implant Marketing

Hopefully you’re now convinced of the efficacy of video implant marketing. The only thing left to do is film a few videos and place them online for all prospects to view. Here are a few video marketing tips to get you started.

Film a Face-to-Face Meeting With Your Patient

Pretend that you’re sitting chairside with your patient, then push Record. A video of you explaining one of your procedures, introducing yourself and your staff, and even videos of you thanking patients for choosing you over your competition are all great ideas for getting found and noticed online.

Video Testimonials

Gather together your most loyal implant clients and ask them to film a short video describing their experience with you. These videos can then be disseminated on your website for increased authority and notoriety. It’s word-of-mouth that you control, which can do wonders for your practice’s appointment book.

Get started today by filming a welcome video. Talk to your prospects on a one-on-one basis, tell them why you’re qualified to be their implant doctor and take them on a tour of your office, introducing your friendly staff members all along the way. Film the video with a smartphone, a webcam or a GoPro and put it on your Website for the ultimate in implant marketing. Then brace for the phone to start ringing and the lobby to start filling up. Your implant patients don’t know it yet, but they’re about to become transfixed with the power of video marketing by you, their local implant doctor.

If you don’t want to take the time to create your own dental video marketing, call on the digital marketing experts. We can help you get you noticed online with the power of video marketing. 


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