Is NOW the Right Time to Turn On Your Marketing?

We’ve heard these questions from dentists across the country...

Is NOW the right time to start marketing?
Is NOW the right time to turn my marketing back on?
Is NOW the right time to invest more in my marketing? 

In order to make that decision for your practice, you need to see the results, opportunities, and mistakes happening in dental marketing right now...and if it’s really the right time to start your marketing.

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Current Marketing Trends

If you are wondering whether you should start marketing, you are probably asking yourself, will my marketing actually attract new patients? In this post-pandemic economy, it can feel risky to invest in your marketing, but the only way to make an informed decision is by taking a look at the data and results. Our clients' online ad results paint a clear picture of the effectiveness of dental marketing right now.

The charts below show the data collected from our clients’ online ads. These ads are marketing all dental services:

This data shows that there is an increased conversion rate of 138%, which means 138% more new patients are clicking on ads now, compared to a few months ago. Additionally, the cost for each of those conversions is down by 60%. That means our clients are spending 60% less money to attract 138% more new patients!

Real New Patient Numbers

Dr. Kym at Craycroft Prime Dental, one of our clients, made the executive decision to start marketing Google and Facebook ads, and immediately booked 350% more new patients.  As shown in the chart below, Dr. Kym’s average new patients per month in 2019 was 12. Due to her exceptional results in May 2020 alone, Dr. Kym has already increased her average number of new patients per month by 60% in 2020. If Dr. Kym decided to stop her marketing or wait to start marketing, those 36 new patients may have gone to the dentist down the street, instead!

This Opportunity Won't Last...

This opportunity to pay less than half the normal price for online ads and see 138% increase in results, or even results as fantastic as Dr. Kym’s 350% increase, is temporary. We anticipate that online ads will go back to the “normal” standards, lower conversions for a higher cost, in the next 2 months. Over the next few weeks, more and more dentists will start marketing, which will raise the costs and increase the competition for new patients. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, then we suggest you start your marketing right now, while the costs are low! 

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How to Market to Patients Post-Pandemic

Once you’ve decided to start your marketing, you need a marketing message that will work to book more new patients. Patients have changed since COVID-19, and if you don’t adapt your marketing message, you won’t see the best results that justify turning on your marketing. Right now, patients need to see one thing from you: safety

Below is a great example of a Google ad that prioritizes communicating safety, making this dental practice an enticing and reassuring choice for new patients:

By talking about safety in your ads, on your website, and at your front office, you will take those 138% more new patients from your ads, and convert them into more patients in your exam chair! For our full post-pandemic marketing strategy, download our brand-new 12-page guide Growing Your Practice Post-Pandemic (click to download).

The Surprising Results from Implant Patients...

You might be planning to market to new patients for routine hygiene visits. However, there is one group of patients that are currently producing overwhelmingly positive results for our clients: implant patients. These patients have become a foundation for many of our clients’ practices and helped them not only survive the COVID-19 closures, but grow through them.

With a brand-new marketing method, our clients were able to find, qualify, and book high-quality new implant patients (even during the COVID-19 closures) with little-to-no effort. This marketing method has overcome and outlasted every change in the dental industry and the economy. While other dentists rely on their hygiene patients to keep their practice afloat, our clients have used this method to make implant patients the backbone of their practice; it's essential to growing their practice in less time. Best of all, this method works for general dentists, implant specialists, periodontists, and so will work for you.

So, when is it time to start marketing to implant patients? Based on our clients’ results, the time is right now, while the rest of the industry doesn’t know about this brand-new method that is yielding the best implant patients. If you want to see the results and learn the 3 secrets to starting more 5-figure implant cases every month without additional doctor time or extra burden on your staff, then you need to be at our next Masterclass →  click here for details & registration.

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