Winter is Coming | The Ugly Truth For Dentists

Winter is Coming

The looming recession is a cause for concern for many dentists, as it is expected to hurt the dental industry. When a recession hits, most people negatively impacted financially will view going to the dentist as optional, leading to a decline in business for dental practices. Additionally, dentists face an alarming rate of poor mental health. Studies have shown that dentists are more than two and a half times more likely to die by suicide than other members of the general population. Research has indicated that being a dentist increases one's risk of suicide by 564% over the average population.

The stress and pressure of being a dentist, combined with the public's negative perception of the profession and feelings, can negatively impact one’s health and professional well-being.

  •       High rates of depression, anxiety, and panic disorder among dentists
  •       Contributing factors: the stress of being a dentist, negative public perception, feelings of isolation
  •       The added stress of potential recession in the dental industry
  •       Economic recession and its impact on dental practices: people will likely prioritize spending and view dental procedures as optional
  •       We need to prepare for the situation and address the neglected topic of mental health in the dental industry
  •       Importance of support and resources for dentists to cope with the pressures of their profession
  •       The dental sector must take steps to improve the mental health of its professionals.

Being a dentist is more than just a job; it is a calling for many. Dentists want to help people improve their smiles and overall well-being, and their satisfaction is often rewarding. However, the physical demands of dentistry and the pressure to keep their practices running can take a toll on their mental health. Research has shown that dentists are at a higher risk of poor mental health and suicide than the general population. The work of Professor Steven Stack of Wayne State University highlights the need for support and resources for dentists to help them cope with the demands of their profession.

In summary, dentistry is a stressful and demanding profession with high rates of depression, anxiety, and panic disorder among practitioners. The public perception of dentists, the nature of the work, and potential isolation contribute to this stress. The upcoming recession is also a concern for dentists. Firegang Dental Marketing surveyed dentists and found that over 80% were unsure or scared about growing their practice during uncertain times. The company believes that the change starts with education and encourages dentists to educate themselves and not play scared during a recession. The transformation begins with sharing experiences and knowledge to help dental practices grow.

Firegang Dental Marketing offers dentists actionable tips for growing their practices based on individual goals and the competitive landscape. With over 300 successful cases, Firegang provides a "Reader's Digest" version of its teachings through its Amazon award-winning dental marketing books and national dental convention classes. As a gift, dentists can receive the "Recession-Proof Your Dental Practice Bundle," which includes a Gold Jumpdrive with 10 guides and 2 best-selling books and access to a live masterclass and case studies on how dentists can thrive in uncertain times.

Firegang Dental Marketing offers a free 1-on-1 call with a strategic marketing partner to create a custom recession roadmap for your practice.

  •       The call includes knowledge of your biggest competitor’s current organic SEO rankings, a complete website assessment, and a custom printable roadmap for growth.
  •       This investment in your practice will help you accelerate growth and thrive during the upcoming recession.
  •       To experience the most growth potential, you must do the right things in the proper sequence with the right mix.
  •       Doing the wrong things, not enough of the right things, or not pulling the most significant levers can be magnified during a recession.
  •       Winter (recession) is coming, but it also brings a golden opportunity to grow your practice more than at any other time.

The recession-proof dental marketing bundle includes the highly effective, easy-to-read books - The Dentist Survival Handbook and Sell Smarter in a Recession. In addition, members of our Inner Circle receive instruction, training, and personal coaching to ensure they become top performers in their field. Join us today!  

Dentists and dental offices that grew their practices in the recession were specific about their goals, had an emergency plan, and were continuously testing new ideas via our Firegang Recession-Proof Your Dental Practice Bundle!

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