Dental Websites Are The Key To Your Practice’s Survival: Why Mobile Marketing Matters

Take a look at the best dental practices and dental websites in your area. The individual and corporate dental practices that are exponentially growing each and every year—and attracting more high-quality patients in the process.

These are the practices embracing and implementing mobile marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of practices are not taking advantage of the mobile wave and updating their dental websites. As a result, their practice is falling behind.

Let’s take a closer look at why mobile marketing is crucial to your practice’s survival:

In April of 2015, there was an event that became known as ‘Mobilegeddon.’ Maybe you heard about it. Or maybe not. The important thing to know is that the phrase came to signify Google’s official release of a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that was designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results—and therefore ‘bump’ non-mobile friendly websites.

Mobilegeddon was Google’s direct response to the massive growth in users heading to mobile devices to perform searches.

In the months following Mobilegeddon, it is clear that search results did shift considerably. It wasn’t necessarily the ‘end-all’ that the media would have you believe, but non-mobile friendly dental websites got whacked, essentially meaning that dentists without a mobile-friendly website lost out on some 60% of visibility to new patients.

Why is Google placing such a huge importance on mobile technology? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 64% of adults have a smartphone
  • 60% of ALL web traffic now comes from MOBILE DEVICES

The tables have officially turned. More traffic is coming to your dental website from mobile technology than desktop computers. Google knows that new patients are overwhelmingly using their smartphones and mobile devices to access the internet—and that the importance of mobile technology is only going to continue to grow in importance.

As you can see, a mobile-friendly website is crucial to the ongoing success of your dental practice. But that’s just the start of what your practice needs to take advantage of mobile marketing...

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