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As a dentist, the competition to rank on the first page of Google is relentless. At Firegang, we create strategies for local SEO for dentists that set your dental practice apart and get you the local SEO rankings you need to attract the patients you want.

Google Maps is what shows up the most often when someone searches “dentist + your city”. Most people using Google understand that the listings the show up in this search are organic and not PPC ads.

There are huge numbers of new patients using Google Maps to find your dental practice each month. Our estimations show it can be anywhere from a couple hundred to up to 5,000 or 10,000. Even in small towns, the numbers are staggering!

Firegang Client

“The results we’ve seen with Google search rankings have improved considerably and that’s yielded tremendous results with respect to new patients in our practice”

– Dr. Brent Van Hala,
Van Hala Dental Group

Online Citation Building Is The Key To Local SEO Success

When was the last time you looked up a business in a phone book? Most of us haven’t used a physical phone book in years!

The modern-day online equivalent of phone books are online business directories – also known as citation websites.

Online directories are sites that search the internet looking for business information – usually the company’s name, phone number and physical address. All of this information is compiled and added to their database of local businesses around the world.

Citations for your dental practice will show up on local business directories, search engines like Google, on apps and on social platforms like Facebook. Citations are what help potential new patients discover your practice.

Local citations can have either a positive or negative impact on your local SEO rankings. The amount of citations your practice has, the accuracy of the data listed and the quality of the online sites they appear on all influence your SEO.

If the data search engines like Google find is inconsistent or incorrect, the “trust” they had in your site is damaged and your local SEO ranking will suffer, making it even harder for potential new patients to find your dental practice.

The Power of Mobile Lies in Google Maps

If you’re still not convinced in the power of Google Maps, pull out your phone. This is what over 50% of your marketplace is doing, since over half of all website traffic is likely from mobile devices.

With potential new patients using mobile devices in record numbers, its important to know that Google Maps is the #1 mapping software. When looking for a business, many people pull out their phone and open the “Maps” app.

Try it. Are you showing up? Are you in the top 3?

This is where you will want to be in the future as more and more people use this method to find the dentist they want.

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Google continues to constantly invest in making Google Maps  better and giving users better results, which is why it is a key part of our local SEO for dentists.

For more details about our complete approach to dental SEO marketing, click here.

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