Local SEO And Google Maps Optimization for Dentists

Use Local SEO For Dentists To Attract New Patients Within 1,000 Feet

Graphic of hand holding a mobile phone using google maps to find a dentist because the dentist used Local SEO For Dentists in the right way

Local SEO is one of the best ways to attract and schedule more new patients in your area. The key to getting new patients for your practice using local SEO for dentists is to use Google Maps correctly.

Google Maps has become the way most people move through unfamiliar territory. Whether it’s making our way to the doctor’s office or driving across the country to visit family, Google Maps efficiently guides us to the front door of our final destination.

If you want new patients to be able to find your dental practice’s front door, your practice needs to be accurately listed on Google Maps.

To become visible on Google Maps, the first step is to make sure your dental practice is registered with Google My Business. Your practice will become instantly searchable on Google and listed on Google Maps once it has been registered.

Google My Business Screenshot

Google My Business focuses heavily on local search results. This makes it easy for potential new patients who live in your city to find your dental practice. When someone in your area searches for a dentist, your business could show up first in their search results, but only if you are properly registered.

Are Patients Really Using Google Maps To Find A Dentist?

Google Maps is what shows up most often when someone searches “dentist + their city”, especially if they’re using a mobile device. See the screenshot below. Most people know these listings are “organic” results (not paid advertisements) and consider them to be more authentic.

As you can see, people using Google Maps can also filter their search by “Star Rating” to find the dental practices with the best local reputation.

Google Maps Screenshot

There are huge numbers of new patients using Google Maps to find a dental practice each month. Make sure they can find you!

The Power Of Google Maps Lies In Mobile

If you’re still not convinced in the power of Google Maps, pull out your phone. This is what over 50% of people living in your area are doing since we know over half of all website traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Not only are potential new patients using mobile devices to find a dentist, but they’re using the Google Maps app to do it.

Take out your phone and try searching for a dentist in your area using the Google Maps app. Are you showing up? Is your dental practice listed in the top 3 organic (not paid ads) results?

That’s where you need to be as more and more people use Google Maps to find the best dentist in their area. Google Maps has become the backbone of local SEO for dentists.

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