Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #52

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PPO - The Ideal Equation For a Successful Dental Practice

When a discussion among dentists turns to the topic of a PPO practice, a significant air of negativity (and even anger) can be displayed. It is true that a PPO practice, defined in traditional terms as a Preferred Provider Organization, carries some unpopular connotations. This negativity stems from what some consider an inferior level of dental service and limited fees.

Small-Town Practice, Big-Time Impact: The Story Of Dr. Travis Burkett

With a stated policy of never turning anyone away for treatment, regardless of ability to pay, Dr. Burkett estimates that Drumright Dental Center doles out more than $200,000 in free dental services a year. He has taken his spirit of caring a step beyond the walls of Drumright Dental Center, providing things such as an activity bus to a local charity and a grant to the local Special Olympics chapter.

Why, What, And How We Help Our Dental Patients Accept Treatment

As a team, we have found that if we start with the why, share the what, and give them a how, we not only help our patients receive care, but we also build valuable and rewarding long-term patient relationships.

24 Books Every Dental Professional Should Read

As a dental professional, you stand to gain a lot in business – and in life – by following the examples of the ‘success stories’ who came before you. So many of these can be found in the list of books for dentists we've outlined below, all of which have been written by experts.

Staying Motivated In The Profession

I have been in general practice for 18 years. The past few years have been difficult for me because my enthusiasm for my practice has reduced. You have been in the profession far longer than me and you seem to still be full of enthusiasm and motivation. How do you keep that level of motivation? What do you do to avoid burning out?

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