Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #51

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Are Your Dental Patients 'Hearing' You?

If you are a dental professional and reading this article, then more than likely you feel like your patients do not “listen to you” or follow your guidance. You are not alone! Dentistry is a tough profession.

Not only do dental professionals have to work in small, confined places, they are working on a very sensitive area of the body, on patients that are often times anxious. Many of them state they “hate being here” the very first time you meet them!

Get Along Better In Your Dental Practice

In our personal and professional relationships, we encounter different personalities every day. We have to think about not only what we are saying to each other, but also how the other person is perceiving it.

It makes all the difference to think for a moment before we say something and consider not only what is being said, but also the tone in which it’s being said.

Your Dental Receptionist - Are They An Asset Or A Liability?

Have you been struggling to attract new dental patients, with growing your practice, or hiring a dental receptionist who can consistently convert phone calls to appointments? I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault.

Every day dentists are inundated with information on how to grow their practice, how to hire the right people, etc. It’s an overload of information and it can be difficult to decide which path to take or technique to try within your own practice.

Perspectives Of Dental Diversity

If we are doing dentistry the same way in 30 years, we will have failed our profession and possibly even made ourselves obsolete. But instead of waiting for others to create this change, we need to drive this change forward ourselves.

The problems we see within our own practices tell one part of the story of what we must improve.

Hire The Best People For Your Practice In 2019

When open positions come up, most dentists want to fill them as quickly as possible. So instead of going through the proper steps, they hire the first person they see with an impressive resume.

Often, they end up with a bad hire who costs them thousands of dollars in lost revenue and countless hours of wasted time. These employees do nothing but hold the practice back and bring down the rest of the team. This is not exactly a recipe for success.

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