Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #50

Thanks to DentistryIQSpear Education, and Dental Economics for sharing information included in these articles and blog posts.

35 Tips For Running a Stronger, More Successful Surgical Practice

What are some major keys to improving and strengthening the surgical practice? Specifically, how can surgical specialists ensure their referral relationships are as strong and efficient as possible? We asked surgical specialists within the Spear community for their advice and found that a successful, profitable surgical practice is a well-oiled machine that balances the needs of not only the surgical specialist, but their referring doctors, patients and referring offices as well.

The Big Idea: Dentistry’s Next 5 Years

In this series, we ask leaders from the Dental Success Network to predict the future. This month’s question is: “Consider an older practice that isn’t attracting many new patients increasingly has openings in the schedule. What are some first steps that a dentist-owner can take to turn things around?”

Tailoring Periodontal Maintenance Appointments

Post–scaling and root planing (SRP) patients are always great visits. This is the time for you as a clinician to see how well your work paid off and how well patients are complying. These appointments can be challenging at times, especially if a patient wasn’t diligent when coming back for three-month maintenance. What can we do to make these appointments smoother? There are a few tips and tricks I have found helpful, and I’m sharing in hopes this will help tailoring your appointment more effective and efficient. Here are my top five must-haves during periodontal maintenance.

How To Succeed At Dental Marketing

We get it, you need new patients and you're ready to start using dental marketing strategies to attract them NOW. But if you jump into marketing without a plan that works for your practice, all you'll do is waste your time and resources and end up frustrated with the process and your lack of results. There are 5 basic steps to ensure your dental marketing strategies are successful. It all starts with taking the time to plan before you hit the ground running with a dental marketing strategy.

Associate Fuel: Your New-Dentist Brand Within The Brand

As a young dental employee or associate, it’s never too soon to start building your personal brand. Your goal before you ever walk in the door is to have every existing patient excited to meet you.

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