Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #46

Thanks to DentistryIQSpear Education, and Dental Economics for sharing information included in these articles and blog posts.

Help! Why Does My Hygiene Schedule Have So Many Holes?

Industry standards and experience tell us that there are more failed appointments in the hygiene column than in the doctor’s column. Open chair time is costly to a dental practice and in turn could also affect the hygienist’s compensation.

Dental Marketing Ideas: 3 Components Of Profitable Dental Marketing

Instead of sharing a laundry list of dental marketing ideas that would leave you more confused than inspired, I want to focus on the 3 major components of dental marketing strategy that will work for any dental practice.

At the end of the day what dentists need are enough patients in their chairs. I want to talk about the 3 things each dentist needs to do right in order to meet that goal every single day.

Take A Look At Your Practice Forward And Backward

This may come as a shock to some, but 2019 is already upon us. As a dental professional, you may be considering an end-of-year equipment or technology purchase for your practice, or a new-year practice and business enhancement.

People Management in the Dental Practice - The Disney Way

It isn’t Space Mountain or the latest Disney movie that makes the magic, just like it isn’t the implant crown preparation or periodontal maintenance visit that makes the magic. It’s you, your team and your culture that engages people.

Communicating New Dental Technology To Patients

Dentistry is advancing at an astounding rate. As dentists, we spend the majority of our week surrounded by those changes.

We see new patients, read dental articles, talk to our reps, interact with our labs, communicate with other dentists, and attend conferences, always adapting to the changing tides of the field and learning of new technologies as quickly as they come out—or even months before. This twists our perspective on how radical these changes can be.

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