Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #45

Thanks to DentistryIQSpear Education, and The American Dental Association for sharing information included in these articles and blog posts.

Consider Implementing Online Scheduling In Your Dental Practice

Your patients are busy people, and they often do not have time to call your office during the workday to schedule appointments.

Even when they do find a few minutes to jump on the phone, they’re often placed on hold or told the team is out to lunch, which leads to frustration that could very well prompt them to call another practice.

Trending Dental Research, Technology and Insights

Like any health care field, dentistry is constantly evolving as new technology, research and events become available.

Staying on top of the latest news and trends is a must for any dental professional committed to career success, practice efficiency and patient satisfaction. Read on to see what the dental community has been buzzing about!

Practice Of The Month: La Prada Family Dentistry

La Prada Family Dentistry opened their doors in 2017 to offer affordable, high-quality dental care to families in their community.

From the beginning they focused on being available 7 days a week, accepting insurance plans and staying open as late as 7pm during the week.These characteristics made their practice marketable and gave Firegang a strong foundation upon which to launch their dental marketing.

4 Ways Dentists Hurt Patient Satisfaction And Don’t Know It

Patient retention is a key component of a thriving dental practice, but many dentists are inadvertently turning away patients. If patients aren’t fully satisfied with their visits, there’s a strong chance they won’t return.

To create and maintain a healthy practice, dentists must understand what causes poor patient satisfaction levels. Here are five ways dentists unintentionally sabotage their own practices.

ADA President To Members: Dentistry Needs Leaders Like You

"Dentistry needs leaders like you, now more than ever," the ADA's 155th president continued. "Together we can deliver not only what our members and our patients need today, but what they can't even imagine they will need tomorrow."

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