Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #41

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3 Skills To Consider When Hiring A Dental Treatment Coordinator

I like to think of the treatment coordinator, or TC, as the treatment “closer” because the person’s role is to ensure that the treatments prescribed are fulfilled by the patients.

As specialists in their fields, dentists may feel more comfortable hiring someone who has a lot of clinical knowledge for the TC position. While they may believe someone who is well versed in clinical details is the best person for the job, this is usually not the case.

How To Succeed At Dental Marketing

At its simplest, dental marketing means presenting your practice as the solution to a patient’s problem. If you get dental marketing strategies right, your new patient numbers will exponentially increase. So where do you start?

Oral Cancer Screening: Make Money, Save Lives, Differentiate Your Practice

Worldwide, oral cancer is a top-10 cancer. There are more than 274,000 cases each year, and five-year survival rates are less than 30%. Here in the United States, oral cancer is the only cancer that has increased in prevalence each of the past eight years. These are just a few of the reasons you should reevaluate the way you look at oral cancer screening technology in your dental practice.

How To Create Value With Unscheduled Treatment Follow-Ups

Does this scenario sound familiar? You take the time to explain to a patient that you’re concerned by something you’ve discovered during an exam. You explain the consequences of not receiving the recommended treatment. Still, the patient walks out of the office without scheduling treatment.

Managing The Accelerating Advancements Of Technology In The Modern Practice

More and more, modern practices find themselves integrating new and evolving technologies into the dental ecosystem, building and supporting an entirely new infrastructure.

With this change comes challenges of adopting these new fundamentals. Each new advancement builds upon its predecessors, forcing us to constantly adapt new workflows, materials, and ideas to better serve our patients. It is important to consider how our practices handle these rapid advancements.


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