Practice Growth Tips For Busy Dentists #8

We found some great articles full of practice growth tips for busy dentists and wanted to pass them along. We know you’re busy, so this is the “best of the best” we’ve found lately. Thanks to Dentistry IQ, The ADA and Dental Economics for sharing information included in this post!

Why The Cloud Is The Data Security Champion

The cloud is often considered the best way to provide security for your dental practice. Here are six reasons why.

How To Use Online Ads Without Wasting Time & Money

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are both methods of a type of online ad called Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC), which is one of the most effective methods for driving heavy amounts of targeted traffic to your dental website.

How To Add Group Locations To Your Dental Practice {Video}

This content is specifically for dentists who want to own multiple locations. Learn how you can effectively add new locations to grow your group dental practice without wasting money or risking failure.

Choosing Smart Technology To Maximize Dental Patient Relationships And Loyalty

In today’s era of instant messaging and immediate interpersonal communication, building and maintaining loyal relationships with our dental patients is more challenging, but also more important than ever.

A National Imperative: Oral Health Services In Medicare

Dental benefits are not included in Medicare despite the reality that more Americans are living well beyond their 65th birthdays.

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