Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #19

We found some great online articles for busy dentists who want to continue to grow their dental practices, so we thought we'd pass them along. We know you're busy, so this is the "best of the best"!

Thanks to Dentaltown, DentistryIQ, and Spear Education for sharing information included in these articles!


New Dental Imaging Can Save The Lives Of Your Patients

Can dentists prevent a stroke or a hip fracture in their patients? Dr. Oksana Bandura explains how computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems based on dental image analysis have the potential to become powerful tools to expand the scope of the panoramic x-ray exam and make it a relevant screening method for osteoporosis and carotid artery calcification.

6 Things You Must Do When Bringing Aboard a New Associate

In my career, I have witnessed and overseen countless practice transitions where a new young dentist was brought aboard, and I can say with absolute certainty that the practices that have the most success with this kind of transition are the ones who focus on not just the mechanics of the deal, but on getting themselves mind-ready and practice-ready for the new associate.

Discover The Key To Getting Dental Facebook Ads Approved [Complimentary Guide]

Many of the dentists we work with have tried running Facebook ad campaigns on their own, or with previous marketing companies, and ask us why their ads have been rejected.

The Crucial Role Of Website Security In Maintaining The Bond Of Trust

A strong bond of trust between a dental office and its patients is imperative, and it takes time to establish a solid reputation among the community that the practice serves. All this hard work can be put in jeopardy by just one oversight: failing to ensure your dental websites are secure.

Adding Implants To Your Practice? [Free E-Book]

Free E-Book: adding implants to your practice? Be sure to invest in the right bone grafting material! Give your patients a minimally invasive synthetic option that can lead to more predictable implant outcomes.

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