Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #26

We found some great online articles and wanted to pass them along. We know you're busy, so this is the "best of the best". Thanks to DentistryIQ, Dental Economics, Spear Education, and Dentaltown for sharing information included in these articles.


The 3 Best Resolutions To Get Better Results From Your Technology

The technology in your practice isn’t necessarily bad. Yes, I do occasionally meet a practice limping along on Windows 95, but the majority of practices are sufficiently equipped to do great things with the dental practice management technology they already have. But they don’t…

How To Turn Fearful Dental Patients Into Loyal Patients

There’s no doubt that fearful patients can cost you money and wreak havoc on your day. This can be pretty frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I want you to start thinking of them as practice builders rather than patients who hold you back.

How To Turn Your Front Office Staff Into A Goldmine For Your Dental Practice

We’ve worked with hundreds of dental practices over the years and we see similar problems with dental front office staff across every practice, no matter the location:

  • Under-trained dental front office staff
  • Missed patient calls
  • No phone tracking
  • Under-qualified dental front office staff
  • …and more

How to Avoid Becoming a "CE Hobbyist"

One of the challenges in communicating newly learned information to patients is that we are taught dentist-to-dentist, in a language two dental professionals can understand. It’s difficult to get back to our practice and then communicate that same information dentist-to-patient. If we don’t change our approach, we can’t expect our patients to wrap their heads around what we’re trying to say.

Professional Courtesy: Fare Thee Well, Patient

Parting is such sweet sorrow. These words ring true when that inevitable moment comes to dismiss a patient from your practice. The sorrow is fueled by a mix of the time and energy spent attracting and retaining patients, your efforts to provide the best care for them, a feeling that you have failed your patient and, in today's world, fear of a bad review.

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