Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #24

We found some great online articles featuring information on what the busy dentist can to do encourage dental practice growth and wanted to pass them along. We know you’re all busy, so this is the “best of the best”…

Thanks to DentistryIQ, Dental Economics, and Dentaltown for sharing information included in these articles!


Does “Digital Dentist” Mean Anything Today?

As the landscape of dentistry shifts toward the more frequent use of digital technologies, including:

  • Intraoral scanners
  • Software-enhanced workflow tools
  • Increasingly accessible in-office milling

We as professionals need to look at the changing definition of dentistry and examine what it means.

The term “digital dentist” has appeared and evolved alongside these changes in the industry, further categorizing people and practices who use these technologies.

Defining the terms helps us draw an up-to-date map of the world of dentistry.

Getting More Into Your Retirement Plan So One Day You Can Get More Out

Good retirement plan designs are similar to good treatment plans—they are individualized to each case.

Your goals and desired outcomes, your budget, and your staff census all play a part in determining your best design.

How To Avoid Being Burned By A Dental Marketing Company

As a dentist, you know you need help with your marketing, but how can you make sure the dental marketing company you work with is the right fit for your practice?

5 Steps to Making the Most of Your Referral Relationships

What exactly do we want and need in this relationship?

Whether we are general dentists or specialists, why are referral relationships lacking our full support as colleagues?

Are general dentists too “demanding,” and are specialists too “elite,” making us all just too afraid to communicate?

When we talk about interdisciplinary treatment planning, we can hardly take a single step in that direction without having a relationship with someone beyond the patient.

Howard Speaks: With a Little Help From My Friends

Howard Farran, founder of Dentaltown magazine, shares how the Dentaltown community can be a great resource beyond dentistry, especially when it comes to mental health.


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