Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #14

We found some great articles full of practice growth tips for busy dentists and wanted to pass them along. We know you’re busy, so this is the “best of the best” we’ve found lately. Thanks to Dental Economics, The ADA and Dentistry IQ for sharing information included in this post!


Dental Health Act on Its Way to the Full House

“The ADA is pleased to see Congress prioritizing dental and public health,” said ADA president Gary L. Roberts, DDS.

Fee-For-Service Dentistry Is Making A Comeback

In case you hadn’t heard, fee-for-service dentistry is back from the dead. New technology and market disruptors have leveled the playing field, giving dentists and dental practices the opportunity to set their own fee schedules—and keep more revenue for themselves. Plus, in some cases patients have access to transparent and more reasonable fee schedules.

Millennials Are Changing The Face Of Dentistry

There’s a generational hand-off happening in the dental industry, and the impact is changing expectations around patient care, work-life balance, practice management, and technology. This transition is the passing of the dental industry mantle from boomers to millennials, and the change is profound.

The Dentist’s Guide To Jumpstart Your Facebook Page

Is social media marketing really all that important for your dental office? Absolutely. No matter how big or how small, you are missing out on crucial opportunities for growth if your dental practice isn’t utilizing the power of strategic social media marketing, specifically by using Facebook.

Dentists: Don’t ‘Fail’ Retirement

Retiring isn’t as simple as just extracting yourself from your practice. For some, it can even be traumatic. While we naturally think that retirement will give us a welcome reprieve from stress, this isn’t always the case.

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