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Getting A Fresh Start?

Launching a new practice, whether you're purchasing one from another doctor or starting from scratch, is one of the most exciting things you can do in your career. The possibilities are endless – this is your chance to craft the exact type of practice you've always dreamed of in your local community.

The beginning of a practice transition or new practice is the time to establish your marketing efforts and ingrain yourself in the minds of new patients. You’ll want a culture in the new office around catering to new patients to compliment your marketing efforts. It’s time to ‘hit the ground running’ and put the practice in a position for massive success.

This Might Be You

  • Fear of Not Making It
    Fears around starting a new clinic are natural. You will suddenly have a team of people depending on your ability to run an office, and better yet grow an office. Bringing in new patients will literally be paying the bills for much of your team.
  • Want to Hit the Ground Running
    A fast start will be crucial. You’re going to lose patients in the transition and this is only natural. However, you’ll want to quickly replace those with an influx of new people who are excited about the ‘newest doctor on the block.’
  • Want to Become Financially Secure, Quickly
    Nothing brings peace of mind like knowing exactly where your revenue will be coming from.  One of the keys to becoming financially secure in your practice will be getting your name out there, both online and offline.
  • Limited Budget
    Starting out, you may not have a giant budget to compete with established folks who have been in business 5, 10, 15, even 20 years. This can present many challenges. The solution will be to grow into your efforts – to start at a reasonable level and reinvest the money those initial programs are making you into more, higher powered programs.
  • Not Sure Where to Start
    So many marketing options are available, and some definitely have a much, much bigger return on your investment than others. Some might be complete wastes of money. You really don’t want to make a financial mistake in the beginning when every step is so crucial. Is digital marketing right for you? How much should you invest in your website? Direct mail? Should you do TV? What is the return on investment difference between online and tv or radio? You’ll need to answer all of these questions.
  • Unsure Who to Trust
    You’re essentially in a position of “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” which will make it hard to evaluate web and marketing agencies. It’ll be difficult to know who to believe and who not to believe.

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"I like to believe that it is important to establish a win-win relationship with business partners. Some companies don't care how your business does as long as you pay the invoice. I have never felt that with Firegang. I know the initial price tag for marketing can seem high, but I remember on average that every $1 I spend on marketing I get at least $10-$15 back!"

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