How To Add Group Locations To Your Dental Practice [Video]

How To Add Group Locations To Your Dental Practice [Video]

This online seminar video is specifically for dentists who want to own multiple locations. Learn how you can effectively add new locations to grow your group dental practice without wasting money or risking failure.

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Watch The Group Dental Growth Video Below To Discover

  1. The 3 factors that immediately increase production at multiple locations
  2. The EXACT trends that are affecting group dentistry
  3. How to choose the next location to add to your group
  4. The alarming data you NEED to know that is forcing dentists to buy and sell to survive
  5. How to follow best practices to take the risk out of adding that new location

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Dentistry is consolidating right now. Practices that run like “businesses” will continue to win.

The keys to successfully growing your group dental practice are:

  1. Think like an executive
  2. Monitor your #’s
  3. Invest in marketing
  4. Educate yourself

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