Group Dental Practice Growth: The Mindset Of A Leader

If you’re a dentist looking to grow your existing group dental practice or take that first step toward creating a group dental practice, there are few best practices you can follow to ensure a positive outcome. Before we dive into the specifics, let's talk about the most important thing to change: your mindset as a dentist.

I was able to sit down with Jake Puhl, the CEO of the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) and discuss:

  • How to add new group dental locations effectively
  • How to keep staff members motivated
  • What dentists should hire for as they grow their group dental practice
  • The importance of the mindset of the successful dental entrepreneur

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The dental industry has changed and is trending more toward group dental practices. In order to create a thriving group dental practice, dentists need to think like a CEO rather than like an individual practitioner.

The #1 Difference Is Mindset

What sets a successful group dental practice apart from those that are struggling is their mindset. At some point you need to understand how to market your practice and develop a growth mindset.

This is paramount when growing your practice. You can only cut costs to a certain point. At some point you need to effectively market your group dental practice in order to continue to add new location.


  • Shift from being an employer to being a leader
  • Build a culture to coach people to get the best out of them
  • Get out of the chair! You can’t run your company and grow your practice outside of a single location if you’re still practicing 4-5 days a week.
  • Be willing to take advice from experts inside the group dental field, and outside experts as well

Know Your Numbers

How can you know if your practice is ready to add a new location if you don’t have a handle on your practice’s revenue and other vital numbers?

Visionary + Integrator = Success

Every practice needs someone who is the visionary as well as the person who can take that vision and integrate it into the practice. Sometimes this can be the same person, but most practices that experience success have at least 2 people filling these roles once they grow to 3+ locations.

Are you ready to take on 2018 and make it your dental practice’s best year yet?

No dental practice should struggle for success alone.

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