Discover The Key To Getting Dental Facebook Ads Approved

Tired of spending time and money on dental Facebook ads only to have them not approved by Facebook? No one enjoys being rejected. Especially after you've put in effort, money and time into a Facebook ad campaign with the hope of attracting new dental patients.

Running dental Facebook ads means at some point you’ll have ads that are not approved for one reason or another.

It’s not the end of the world, but sometimes it can be confusing for those of us who are genuinely trying to do the right thing.

Many of the dentists we work with have tried running Facebook ad campaigns on their own, or with previous marketing companies, and ask us why their ads have been rejected. Facebook sends an email to users after an ad hasn't been approved, but it doesn't give dentists the in depth information they need to create a successful ad.

Just like any other company or advertising platform, Facebook has has terms each user must agree to before advertising with them.

For whatever reason, your ad was most likely rejected because it didn't comply with Facebook’s Advertising Policies. It’s a lot of information to sort through, but you should definitely review it before you create your Facebook ad campaign.

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What we've found is that the key to writing Facebook ad copy that gets approved is to make everything about you (and I mean you as the dentist). You can't write anything that speaks directly to the reader or your ad won't get approved.

Invisalign dental facebook ad example


"Click here straighten your teeth and get your perfect smile."

This ad will be disapproved because it insinuates the reader has crooked teeth and not a perfect smile.


"Click here to learn how our clients leave with straighter teeth and great smiles."
This says the exact same thing, but you're talking about yourself and your own dentistry. This ad copy will be approved because it insinuates nothing about the reader.



"Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Ask us how we can make your appointment more comfortable today."
This ad will be disapproved because it asks a direct question to the reader and assumes they will make an appointment.




"Many people suffer from dental anxiety preventing them from enjoying a great smile. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can make you comfortable during your visit."

example of a sedation dentistry dental facebook ad
This version of ad copy will be approved by Facebook because you say "many people suffer" instead of "do you suffer?". Also keep in mind that when you say, "learn how we can make you comfortable", you can only use the word "you" because you're describing your own product, which makes "you" comfortable.

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Every Facebook ad campaign is different, but the overall takeaway illustrated by the examples above is you don’t want to alienate your potential new patients by suggesting you know too much about them. Focus on the service you're offering instead (i.e. Invisalign, dentures, dental implants, sedation dentistry, etc.).

Avoid "Big" Promises

Facebook will flag these "big" promises as fraudulent because you can't guarantee a positive outcome to every individual person who clicks on your ad. There are too many variables, so you want to steer clear of over-promising results in your ad campaigns. Facebook makes it very clear that they don't want advertisers to defraud their users, so all ads need to be as clear and transparent as possible.


"Click here for whiter teeth!"

This dental Facebook ad will be disapproved because it promises the reader whiter teeth, something that you can't necessarily guarantee will happen with every single potential patient.


"Click here to learn how our patients experience whiter teeth as part of their best smile!"
Again, like the examples above, this says the same thing. However you're using your own patients as proof of your own dentistry. Facebook sees this as different than promising results to everyone who reads your ad.

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