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Defining Practice Growth

As we discussed in the previous blog, in life and your practice you’re either growing or dying. Those who sit on the fence are the ones who end up suffering. Therefore, we come to the same previous conclusion - it is more painful to sit back and not take action towards growth.

In today’s blog, we put the subject of practice growth into focus.

Every doctor has a different definition of what growth means for them. But no matter what this definition might be for you, you must uncover the specific kind of growth that will get you to your goal before you throw a bunch of money towards marketing and ad spend.

The right kind of growth for your dental practice could mean one or more of the following:  

 More new patients

Maybe you just need to expand your overall volume to get things moving in the right direction. You have your ducks in a row and you’re ready to expand your practice into the community.



More of the right kind of new patients

If you know what type of patients you need to thrive, that’s great. You can target specific people in order to achieve targeted growth.


Higher average patient value 

Maybe at the end of the day you would feel better knowing that the patients you are driving are bringing in the optimum amount of revenue that is the most efficient for your growth.

There are tried-and-true strategies specifically tailored to drive different kinds of clients.


Increased visibility

You can have an amazing practice with everything in place but if you’re essentially invisible online, how will clients know you exist? Visibility is absolutely required for the success of your practice. For some dentists, this may be one of the biggest challenges that is holding back their growth.


Notable differentiation from other providers

Dental practices are able to stand out from the crowd when they offer specialities that clients may have a hard time finding somewhere else. Examples of this may include specific services, extended hours of operation, or other comforts.


Moving toward a fee-for-service model

Some dentists have the vision of establishing a fee-for-service practice to allow them to take in more targeted revenue.


Increased market share

If you want to cease on more of the local market and scale up to be a dominating force, you may want to focus on what levers to pull to increase your market share. This type of growth requires a unique, expert strategy.


Adding an associate

For many doctors, adding an associate is exactly what has been holding them back in getting their practice growing in new directions. 


Additional locations

Maybe your dream is to scale up and spread your contributions to different communities. Branching out into new locations is a very exciting type of growth for certain doctors.



Fewer hours at the chair and more with loved ones

Some dentists have decided that their time is best spent at home growing their life outside of their practice with their families. 



Or perhaps there is something else that is important to you. Having a clear-cut path for targeted growth is essential.

Targeted Growth

All of these specific growth goals can be obtained through tested and repeatable marketing methods. Knowing what levers to pull and when to pull them is the name of the game.

One of the quickest ways you can discover what levers need to be pulled to experience the kind of growth you want for your practice is by scheduling a free Practice Growth Acceleration Call with Firegang Dental Marketing.

A Practice Growth Acceleration Call is the best 30 minutes you can invest this month to accelerate growth and recession-proof your practice. This call will bring you exceptional clarity and value – as well as give you a visual, clearly established strategy for growing your practice – the right way – and identify the most impactful levers to pull to grow your practice.

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