5 Location Practice

Daniela Velasquez, Smile Design Dental (Southern FL)

Smile Design Dental

Smile Design Dental's #1 struggle when they partnered with Firegang was their scattered online presence. They had 5 locations, with 5 names, 5 websites, and 5 individual teams marketing and managing each location. We helped them consolidate their online presence into a single website, managed by a single team. Within 18 months they've increased their new patient flow by an average of 30% at each location.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Daniel Morrissey, Magic Smiles Family Dentistry (Phoenix, AZ and Mesa, AZ)

Magic Smiles

A clinic focused on pediatrics, Magic Smiles needed a custom designed marketing campaign to achieve the success they wanted. Previous marketing companies had failed to create a strategy targeted to children. Then Firegang stepped in, and turned this practice around. Download below to find out what custom marketing strategies can do.

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High Competition Area

Dr. David Pinsky, State Of The Art Dental Group (Rockville, MD)

Dr. Pinsky

After being in practice for over three decades, Dr. Pinsky and the State of the Art Dental Group’s new patient flow had stalled. In the highly competitive Washington DC metro area, he was competing with 76 other dentists nearby and had a flat new patient count of 15-20 per month.

Dr. Pinsky partnered with Firegang in 2015 and began to lay the foundation for highly successful PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns designed to attract the new patients he needed. Download the full case study to discover how he's been able to consistently grow his practice and get the new patients he needs..

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Family Practice

Dr. Guy Burk, Anchorage Midtown Dental (Anchorage, AK)

Anchorage Midtown Dental

In an area more competitive than the national average, Dr. Burk found that he was spending his marketing dollars in a lot of the wrong places. After joining Firegang, we helped him maximize his marketing budget and his practice grow 600% in only a few years. Find out how we did it by downloading this case study below.

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Family Practice

Dr. Van Hala, Van Hala Dental Group (Canton, OH)

Van Hala

Dr. Van Hala came to us without much online presence or marketing experience. Building a new website along and an online reputation for Google to see, had him receiving new patients in just a few months. And he hasn’t slowed down. Click below to see how we did it.

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