From Stagnation To Massive New Patient Growth

By partnering with Firegang, Dr. Guy Burk was able to employ strategic, comprehensive marketing solutions that brought his dental practice sustainable, massive new patient growth. Dr. Burk worked with us to showcase the excellent quality of Anchorage Midtown Dental through the power of successful and strategic online marketing.

Before Firegang, the practice was seeing revenues of $1.2 million annually. After a few years, the practice was able to hire new staff, expand their services, and was seeing revenues of over $8 million.

In this case study, we will show exactly how Anchorage Midtown Dental continues to succeed and drive consistent revenue through its partnership with Firegang Dental Marketing.


  • Ineffective Advertising
    Spending thousands on phone book and print ads only to receive a negative ROI.
  • Front Staff Problems
    New patient calls often went unanswered due to front office training issues.
  • Weak Online Reputation
    The practice was providing 5-star service, but their online reviews didn’t reflect it.
  • No Tracking
    They weren’t tracking their marketing and couldn’t tell if it was working.


  • Leveraged Online Marketing
    They invested in local SEO, Google Maps, and Adwords instead of phone book ads.
  • Marketed To Dental Implant Patients
    Dr. Burk focused his efforts on attracting the exact type of patient he wanted.
  • Built A Strong Reputation
    The staff provided excellent service and followed up with patients for reviews.
  • Implemented Tracking Methods
    Dr. Burk worked with us to identify what marketing effort was working best in order to make better decisions.
The Firegang Experience

Growth Results

The total number of new patient leads each month during the first year of working with Firegang. New patient calls increased by over 500% in a period of 12 months.


Before Firegang

Too Much Medicaid

When Dr. Guy Burk purchased Anchorage Midtown Dental in 2010, the practice seemed to be “doing ok”. However, nearly 70% of Anchorage Midtown Dental patients were Medicaid, with very few high-end or implant patients. Dr. Burk knew that in order to survive, his practice needed to be able to attract more high-end dental cases.

What’s more, the practice was trying to stand out in the Anchorage, AK area, which is an increasingly competitive and challenging market, while still continuing the practice’s legacy of providing excellent, high-quality dental care.

Dr. Burk wasn’t satisfied with this. He wanted Anchorage Midtown Dental to become the premier dental practice in Anchorage, attracting high-end patients and performing more dental implant cases.

He began to research the current dental marketing environment and realized that patients were no longer going to phone books to find the dentists they needed. Instead, they were heading to Google and social media, reading reviews from others who had been there before. That’s when he turned to Firegang for help.

The Firegang Approach

Our Methods

SEO Ranking Improvement

Organic website traffic grew by 175% since Dr. Burk partnered with Firegang. Anchorage Midtown Dental now ranks #1 in Google searches for 4+ crucial local keywords that allow the practice to rank higher than its local competitors in Google Maps.

Front Staff Office Training To Convert Calls To New Patient Appointments

Firegang was able to monitor the practice’s phone calls and pinpoint exactly the type of front office staff training they needed to improve. Dr. Burk’s dental practice is now receiving upwards of 300 calls on average per month, and is bringing in an average of 60 new patients per dentist every month.

Online Reputation Improvement

Dr. Burk had many loyal and happy patients, but none of them were being asked to leave online reviews for the practice. Firegang was able to train Anchorage Midtown Dental’s staff to effectively ask their best patients to leave online reviews. As of March 2018, the practice has over 140 reviewsand a 4.8 star Google rating.

Marketing Budget Transparency

By knowing exactly how his marketing budget was being spent and how each marketing effort was performing, Dr. Burk was empowered to make decisions every month that directly impacted his practice’s growth and success.

Anchorage Midtown Dental shows that if you want your dental practice to be successful, you can’t simply do what you’ve always done in the past—or what the generation before you did.

Dr. Burk’s story proves that you can exponentially grow the production of your dental practice in only a few years and dominate your marketplace through comprehensive online dental marketing.

Client Experience

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"I like to believe that it is important to establish a win-win relationship with business partners. Some companies don't care how your business does as long as you pay the invoice. I have never felt that with Firegang. I know the initial price tag for marketing can seem high, but I remember on average that every $1 I spend on marketing I get at least $10-$15 back!"

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