6 Dental Marketing Myths [Busted]: Myth #3

Thanks for checking out our 6-part series where we're "busting" some of the most common dental marketing myths we've dealt with over the years.

If you missed the first two installments, you can check them out by clicking on the links below.

Myth #1

Myth #2

Everyone wants to believe in a quick fix or a life hack, right? From losing weight to brushing your teeth to cooking dinner, we all would love a speedy solution.

With marketing, a quick fix is rare, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You can disprove this myth and still succeed at marketing your dental practice

Myth #3: Online marketing yields instant results

While quick results are possible - such as five or ten new patients in a month - expanding to a new practice in a month is unrealistic.

If you've ever looked for a dental marketing company before, you've likely seen companies that offer results that are too good to be true.

They may advertise: “Sign up now, and you can get 2,000 new patient leads in a single month!” Or they may assure you that you can sign up 100 new patients this year.

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The fact is, no one can guarantee those kinds of results, and if you are ever promised instant or even rapid digital marketing results like these – run away and don’t look back.


While it is true that some dentists get lucky and experience quick-burst results right out of the gate, most forms of online marketing (like SEO and reputation management) take time before measurable results become apparent and sustainable.

Your rate of success depends on your location and current market conditions. It relies on the state of your online presence and how quickly you acclimate to the constantly-evolving digital landscape while being consistent with the most effective dental marketing techniques.

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