3 Quick Website Tips to Convert More New Patients

After analyzing hundreds of dental websites, we found the average dentist's website only converts about 2-5% of visitors into callers. That’s right, for every 100 patients that visit your website, it's likely only 2-5 people are actually calling your practice! That seems pretty low when you think about what a critical part your dental website plays in your new patient marketing... 
Those 95 people that leave your website and choose someone else didn't see the right information on your website to move forward. Here are 3 quick changes you can make today to start converting more new patients with your website!


1. Use Personalized Content

Take a look at the photos on your practice website, are there more stock photos than actual, authentic photos of your staff and office? Do you have photos of your exam room, waiting room, and the outside of your practice?
When patients visit your website, they need to feel as if they are taking a virtual step into your practice. Patients want to see the staff they will be interacting with during their appointment, the office they will be visiting, and the doctor that will be taking care of them. The best way to create this virtual welcoming is by replacing stock photos with authentic photos and videos of your staff and practice. 

On Dr. Hurcomb’s website (above & below) every single photo includes her staff and her practice. Dr. Hurcomb even stepped out of her comfort zone to film a video welcoming patients to her practice, and explaining her vision for her practice in her community! These elements contributed to Dr. Hurcomb’s astounding 12% website conversion rate - that’s 3X more new patient calls than the average dentist!

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2. Showcase Patient Reviews

While you can rave about your practice all day long, potential new patients will always  trust your patient reviews over anything else. In fact, 79% of people trust online reviews as much or more than personal recommendations! 
With that kind of power, your patient reviews need to be smack dab on your homepage, where potential new patients won’t miss them! But many dental practice websites hide those reviews on a specific testimonial page. Unfortunately, most people don’t even make it to that part of your website before they exit out and choose a different dentist. 
Take a look at Dr. C’s website below; right on his homepage, just below the top banner, there is a carousel of patient reviews. His website clearly showcases his 5-star rating with over 500 reviews, and even includes the photos of the patients that left the reviews, and the platform they left them on (Google, Yelp, etc.) to leverage their authenticity.

These reviews show potential new patients that Dr. C has a remarkable practice, and his patients are willing to go out of their way to rave about his care!

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3. Clear Call-to-Action

Your dental marketing strategy doesn’t mean very much if it isn’t bringing in new patients and revenue to grow your practice. Your website needs to be built to convert visitors into callers and new patients. If you take a look at your website, do you have a clear call-to-action that prompts your visitors to take the next step?
Calls-to-action can include listing your phone number on your website in a way that is clickable, so patients can simply tap and call you right from your website. (This is especially helpful for patients viewing your website on their phone!) You can also add a button on your homepage to book an appointment online.

At Firegang, we include at least three calls-to-action on our client dental websites, because we want to offer potential new patients as many opportunities to book as possible. Take a look at Dr. Casiglia’s website header (above), including his three calls-to-action. The first is click-to-call phone number, the second is a click-to-maps address (so patients can see their proximity to Dr. Casiglia’s practice!), and finally is a “Request an Appointment” button. 
Best of all, the "Request an Appointment" button follows the patient down the page, so as they read more and more enticing details about the practice, their mouse is never far from the option to book an appointment!

Firegang’s Proven Website Conversion Formula

As a dental marketing company, we take a lot of pride in our client’s dental websites. While the average dentist practice website may only convert at 2-5%, our proven website conversion formula is converting at 6%, 10%, even 12% for our dental clients. If you want a website proven to get your phones ringing, book more high-quality new patients, and generate more revenue for your practice, then click below to schedule your marketing assessment call.

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