Running Mobile PPC Ads on Competitors Brand Names – Ok?


A much debated topic in the Pay Per Click world over the past few years has been the notion of running PPC ads on competitors brand names. In the small business digital marketing world, this happens quite often.  When it comes to mobile, this can be rather effective.

Below are a few examples of large brands running PPC campaigns through Google Adwords on competitors brand names. In the case of Tire Discounters (a mid size tire chain), this may be inadvertent since the search “Tire Discounter(s)” can be a broad match keyword in Firestone’s campaign. However, in the case of  Outback Steakhouse, it seems like the company is deliberately running ads on Red Lobster’s keywords. [Read more…]

Google Devaluing Places Listings – Again…


Yesterday, Google decided that it was a good idea to remove all meta descriptions from their blended Places results. As you see below, the ability for a business owner to convey a message to help drive action is minimized. So, how else is a business to convey their message? Well, other than through AdWords, no where. Is this yet another ploy to drive local clients towards AdWords? Honestly, the more Google decides to take away from local Places listings, the less effective they become.

As you can see in this example, you can see how a business can promote themselves (pre click) to help drive an increased CTR. [Read more…]

Improve Your Google Rankings – Blueprint for Success


It’s said that Google is responsible for 70% of all online traffic. No wonder everyone is vying for the top spots. Getting your website listed on the first page of Google can mean more prospects, more leads, more patients, more market share and more cold-hard cash. But with everyone competing for those prime positions, reaching your goal of ‘number one’ in the SERPs is going to require plenty of patience and a solid game plan. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can reach optimum Google rankings before your competitors do.

On and Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be ignored if Google domination is your goal. SEO requires you to construct your websites and various web pages so that they are relevant to what visitors are looking for. The thing is, you can’t just ‘Wing’ SEO. With the search engines constantly changing, you need to remain on the up-and-up regarding the latest SEO tools and knowledge. This is going to require plenty of study, just as it would in any other industry.

The idea is to create a blog posts that are relevant to the reader’s needs and of the highest caliber. Many webmasters are finding out the hard way that cheating the system by using black hat SEO techniques and other backlinking services will only cause their sites to sink in the SERPs before long. Quality content will always take center stage, as that’s what search engine users are primarily looking for.

First Page Promises

If you’ve ever tried and failed to reach Google’s top spots for your keyword terms, you may have found yourself tempted by ads that promise quick first page results. But realize that proper SEO takes time. Don’t fall for promises that seem too good to be true, because they probably are. Even hardened SEO professionals wouldn’t dare put a timeline on top Google rankings.

Before you fall for any false promises, do your research and make sure the SEO company in question is legit. Read reviews and check with previous clients. But for the most part, you’ll want to look for SEO companies that promise realistic results as opposed to false hopes.

Be Hands-On

Even if you hire an SEO company, you will still want to take a hands-on approach. You can save a lot of money by learning the craft of search engine optimization and by putting the latest techniques to use on your own sites and blogs. Just remember to have lots of patience. Reaching the top positions in any search engine is going to take time and hard work. But if you keep at it, studying as you go, you’ll find that those top positions aren’t so hard to reach after all.

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