Quick Remarketing Ideas to Attract New Dental Patients

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tag everyone who visited your website for the purposes of bringing them back at some point in the future? Well now you can. It’s called ‘Remarketing’ and it’s the latest and greatest of the dental advertising ideas used by expert dental marketers to attract patients to growing practices all over the country.

Are your competitors using this innovative dentistry advertising technique? You’d better jump on board before they do.

Luckily, jumping on board isn't as difficult as you might think. Here are some quick remarketing ideas to help you out.


How Does Remarketing Work?

The logistics of remarketing are simple enough to understand. A person lands on your website and then bounces away to view other websites online. With remarketing, those visitors will begin to see your ads on other people’s sites, such as the New York Times and CBS Sports. There are several reasons why this is effective.

1. It nurtures prospects who have already looked at what you have to offer

Studies show that new patients need to see your marketing messages at least 7 times and as much as 12 times before they act. With your ads running on other sites, your prospects will see your marketing message wherever they happen to go. This will imprint your business on their minds, making them more likely to choose you over the competition.

2. The people you’re remarketing to are already interested in what you’re offering

All the hard work of convincing people to visit your website is done. They’ve been there and done that. Now all you have to do is get them to call or come in, which is precisely the idea behind a remarketing campaign.

3. Your ads will speak to a problem the person has, thus giving them more of a reason to commit.

If your prospect has a toothache but fails to commit after visiting your website, that toothache might become even worse a few days later. With your remarketing ads running 24/7, you may end up getting your prospect’s attention at just the right time when the toothache pain is unbearable, thus convincing the person to call you for relief.

4. Your ads follow prospects wherever they may go online, such as to popular platforms like Facebook and Google

The idea is to have your prospects see your ads wherever they happen to be online. And with most people using Google or Facebook all day long, even while at work, if you can manage to advertise on those sites your dental office is sure to get maximum exposure.

5. This process is complicated, but once put into place it is highly-effective at getting new patients to call.

All you need are a few key ideas to get started. We've listed 5 high-value ones for you to use below:

Five Remarketing Ideas for a Super-Charged Remarketing Campaign

Now that you have some idea of how remarketing works, here are a few tips to get you started.

There are essentially five different types of remarketing ads. They include:

1. Localized Ads

This is the ad that says, “Looking for a Dentist in Chicago?” By putting the location right in the ad, the person knows that you’re nearby, and that might be all the motivation the person needs to finally pick up the phone or walk-in.

2. Sentimental Ads

These are the ads that say, “We’ve missed you since you visited our website, won’t you come back soon?” These dentist advertisements are effective because they let the person know that you’re aware they just landed on your site. The person no longer feels like an anonymous Internet visitor. Now they’re obligated to call, which spells good news for your new patient roster.

3. Remembrance Ads

These are the ads that say, “We haven’t forgotten about you.” Similar to the sentimental ads, these dentistry advertisements will make the person feel bad about not calling or coming in, which may be enough to get the person to finally act.

4. Stability Ads

Patients like to know that their dentist’s office will always be there for them, and that’s just the idea behind these types of remarketing messages. This ad says, “We’re always here for you, and we’ll be ready for your call whenever you’re ready to pick up the phone.” There’s no pressure with these types of ads, and some patients prefer that type of message. With remarketing, you’ll want to target all types of patients, and that’s what these ad varieties are designed to do.

5. Action Ads

This message says, “Pick up the phone and call anytime.” For even better results, include a photo of your receptionist right in the ad. A call-to-action can get people to contact you, especially if your ads follow them to Facebook, Google or other prominent sites online.

With these five psychologically-effective ads running constantly, you’ll spend less money on advertising and you’ll get a higher rate of return. That’s because you’re only targeting people who are already interested in your dentistry treatments. You’re merely reminding your patients to dial your digits or make the trip to your dental office, and with these five remarketing tips working in your favor, your dental practice is sure to get a whole lot busier.

Want to start a supercharged remarketing campaign for your dental practice? Call on the dental marketing experts by clicking here.


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