Unifying The Brand, Skyrocketing Revenue, and Scaling


Creating Consistent And Sustainable Growth

In this case study we will show exactly how our client, Smile Design Dental, continues to grow through consistent brand messaging and innovative dental marketing strategies.

Through their partnership with Firegang, they were able to grow new patient flow by 30% at 5 locations in just 2 years.

Smile Design Dental partnered with Firegang in April of 2016. This became the turning point for the practice, leading to a 30% increase in new patients per month across 5 locations in less than 2 years.

Smile Design Dental’s #1 struggle when they partnered with Firegang was their scattered online presence. They had 5 locations, with 5 names, 5 websites, and 5 individual teams marketing and managing each location.

The practice began to realize this wasn’t working. Overall, the focus of the dental practice was scattered. Their branding and message were inconsistent. Patients couldn’t find the right practice online, since there were 5 different websites. With Firegang’s innovative marketing strategies, the practice has consolidated their brand and achieved new patient growth higher than ever before.


  • Broken SEO
    Had 5 different websites, all competing against each other for Google rankings.
  • New Patients Being Lost
    They were losing patients due to a confusing online presence.
  • Negative Online Reputation
    Google and Facebook reviews were few or negative.


  • A Unified Website
    Firegang unified 5 websites into 1, sharply increasing organic web traffic.
  • Corrected Online Citations
    We corrected their business information on hundreds of sites, massively impacting SEO ranking.
  • 5-Star Reviews
    Staff training helped them achieve nearly 1,000 Google reviews.

Growth Results

Graph showing increase in new patients from dental marketing efforts.

Our Methods

Pipeline Website Traffic
In Smile Design Dental’s case, their brand was spread across 5 different websites. Each one of those websites was struggling to get to the top of Google’s search results and were actually competing against one another for rankings.

Once the 5 websites were combined into one, it improved their SEO ranking and increased website traffic because every patient searching for Smile Design Dental went to one unified website.

Citations Improved The “Right” Way
To get the best local SEO results, multi-location dental practices need to have each location listed independently across multiple online business directories, and must also clearly state they are all unified under one brand.

Firegang treated each of Smile Design Dental’s locations as an independent entity and start cleaning up and building at least 100 citations around each location.

There are hundreds of websites that could list your dental practice as a local business, so it’s important to make sure each of your locations are listed correctlyotherwise, it can damage your SEO rankings.

5 Locations = 1 Website
Below you’ll find an example of Smile Design Dental’s unified website. The site was designed to make it easy for new patients to find the location most convenient for them and book an appointment there, while also maintaining Smile Design Dental’s brand consistency.

Firegang Client

“It is so easy to find us now! Before we had a hard time doing that. We love that Firegang constantly maintains our citations and SEO rankings, it’s such a relief not to worry about it!”

Daniela Velasquez,
Chief of Operations – Smile Design Dental


Our Methods

One Brand = One Dental Marketing Team
Each of Smile Design Dental’s locations are clearly unified under one Smile Design Dental “umbrella”. Patients can easily find what they need because the logos are the same and the branding message is clear.

They not only unified their locations, but also brought every location in to be managed by a single marketing company. Because of this, Firegang was able to partner with Smile Design Dental and create that consistent brand message designed to attract new patients at every location.

Improved Online Reputation
Firegang worked with each of Smile Design Dental’s locations to drive positive Google reviews up. As of July 2017, Smile Design Dental has a total of 886 Google Reviews across their 5 locations.

Each location has a 4.6 or above star rating on Google with the Fort Lauderdale location set as a 5 star rating with 190+ reviews.

Compared to nearby dentists, Smile Design Dental of Ft. Lauderdale exceeds the competition in number of reviews. This makes them appear as the #1 chosen practice in the area!

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