53% Increase In New Dental Patients In 3 Months

Massive Growth In Just 90 Days

How Timber Dental used phone training and a new website to accelerate their growth.

Within 3 months of working with Firegang, Timber Dental experienced a massive increase in website traffic, and in the number of new patients they were seeing each month. Their dental practice is now on track to add a 3rd location in Spring 2018 and has hired new doctors and hygienists to handle their rapid growth.

Timber Dental was an established and high functioning practice before working with Firegang. However, they had not taken full of advantage of the power of a strong online presence and a highly trained front office staff. The practice was not consistently attracting new patients from the internet, and was missing a significant amount of new patient calls daily.

In this case study, we will show exactly how Timber Dental continues to grow through our comprehensive dental marketing solutions, with a focus on the transformative power of front office staff phone training.


  • Low Call To Booking Rate
    Only 1 in 3 new patient calls ended up in a booked appointment.
  • Few Google Reviews
    A low number of reviews meant less social proof for the practice.
  • Generic Website
    Their website didn’t show how they were different than other practices.


  • Phone Training & Call Auditing
    The rate of phone calls to booked appointments surged by 61%.
  • New Website Launch

    New content and powerful SEO strategies boosted web traffic to 3,000 visits/mo.

  • Reputation Management

    Using Firegang’s reputation strategies, Timber Dental now has a 4.8 star rating with over 100 Google reviews.


Growth Results

new patients
Web traffic hit
3,000 visits/mo
Hired a
new doctor
Hired full-time hygienist
Office hours

Our Methods

Firegang’s call auditing team listens to and reviews every patient call our clients receive. For Timber Dental, this feedback enabled their Client Success Manager to pinpoint where the front office staff needed more training. Phone scripts and advanced training were provided and the staff began converting phone calls to new patients at a rapid rate!

Prior to staff training, the practice was converting 46% of phone calls to new patient appointments. After training, Timber Dental has been able to increase that percentage to 75%.

What does an increase from 46% booking to 75% booking mean? Let’s say you’re bringing in 50 new patient calls per month right now. If you’re converting at 46%, you’re bringing in 23 new patients per month. By increasing that conversion rate to 75%, you’re effectively increasing new patients by 14 every month with absolutely zero increase in ad spend.

Firegang’s web design team also redesigned Timber Dental’s website to better reflect their unique Portland, OR brand while maximizing patient-friendliness and ease of use. Because of this, Timber Dental has been able to convert website visitors to new patients at a much higher rate for both of their locations.

In addition to training the staff on effective phone techniques, our team was able to work with them on getting their best patients to leave online reviews. As of March 2018, Timber Dental has a 4.8 star rating on Google with more than 100 online reviews.

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