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Dental Marketing For Multiple Locations

Create consistent and reliable new patient growth at each practice location with Firegang’s revenue-focused marketing solutions. We’re equipped to market your existing dental practice locations, and give you what you need to scale and grow.

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How Firegang Can Help

A Holistic Dental Marketing Solution

Full-Scale Marketing Program Designed For Multiple Locations
We provide every marketing service under one roof, including dental websites, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, phone training, SEO, reputation management, and more. Our comprehensive approach means all your dental marketing efforts work together in unison to consistently drive high quality new patients to each of your practices. 

Exclusively Dental Marketing
As a marketing company that works exclusively with dentists, we’ve put in the time, and the money, to discover what works–and what doesn’t–to consistently attract new patients. We specialize in marketing for dentists with multiple locations, providing complete, end-to-end marketing solutions that scale with your growth.

All Of Your Data. All In One Place.
You can’t make informed decisions when your practice’s data is housed at multiple marketing agencies. At Firegang we’re about creating consistent new patient growth that can be attributed and tracked in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Single Point Of Contact
Whether you have 3, 5, 10 or more locations, you’ll always have one point of contact: your dedicated client success manager, who is as committed to your dental practice’s success as you are.


These May Describe You Today

Growth Mode

You’re motivated to grow your practice, with the right pieces in place to do it.

Subpar Marketing

You know you need effective marketing to grow, and your current marketing isn’t cutting it.

No Transparency

Not sure what your current marketing company is doing or if you’re getting results?

Stagnant Revenue

You’ve been stuck just below $1MM or $2MM in revenue, no matter what you try.


You want to add associates, expand your office and rapidly grow.

Preparing To Sell

You want to set up your practice up to be sold and make it valuable to potential buyers.

Desire To Dominate

You’ve invested in becoming the best in your area, but still aren’t getting enough patients.

Need Visibility

You want to dominate your local competition and show up everywhere online.

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

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Firegang Client
“Once we decided to rebrand Smile Design Dental and started working with Firegang we saw a huge increase in new patient numbers. Our #1 referral source is currently our website and Google reviews.”

Daniela Velasquez, Chief of Operations – Smile Design Dental

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Client Success Story

How Smile Design Dental worked with Firegang to increase new patients per month by 30% at 5 locations.

  • Broken SEO
    Had 5 different websites, all competing against each other for Google rankings.
  • New Patients Being Lost
    They were losing patients due to a confusing online presence.
  • Negative Online Reputation
    Google and Facebook reviews were few or negative.
  • A Unified Website
    Firegang unified 5 websites into 1 leading to a steep increase in organic web traffic.
  • Corrected Online Citations
    We corrected their business information on hundreds of sites, massively impacting SEO ranking.
  • 5-Star Reviews
    Staff training helped them achieve nearly 1,000 positive Google reviews.

Through Smile Design Dental’s partnership with Firegang we were able to massively accelerate their new patient growth at 5 locations.
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  • 800+ Google Reviews
  • 81% Web Traffic Increase
  • 30% New Patient Increase Across Every Location

Growth Results

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see how firegang increased new patients per month at each location by 30%.

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