New Patient Attraction Tips for Busy Dentists [2016-12-16]

We found some great articles around the web and wanted to pass them along. We know you're busy, so this is the "best of the best" when it comes to new patient attraction tips - feel free to email us and let you know what you think of these!

Thanks to Dental Products Report, Dentistry IQ, and Dental Economics for sharing information included in this post.


How To Create The Ultimate Dental Marketing Budget
Is your practice ready to create a dental marketing budget designed to attract the kind of patients you need? This post breaks down the steps for you and includes a FREE guide that goes into even more detail!

How Implant Surgery Can Help Both You & Your Patients
The practice of implant dentistry is growing faster than any other specialty dentistry. Don’t be left behind!

These 5 Insurance Practices Will Boost Your Dental Practice
It’s no news flash that handling insurance can be a real pain for dental front offices. This office manager has been there, and she sharing tips that have helped her streamline the front office.

How To Attract High-Quality Dental Patients Using Facebook Ads
Trying to attract new, quality dental patients to your practice is the #1 problem dentists face. Did you you know Facebook Ads can be an effective tool to attract new patients? Learn how your practice can use them and access a FREE resource that goes into even more detail.

Financial Goals: What Works, What Doesn't
What financial goals do you and your practice need to meet? Do you have the tools you need to meet them? This article from Dental Economics explores why many financial goals fail and what you can do to succeed.




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