Your Dental Receptionist - Are They A Goldmine Or A Liability?

Your Dental Receptionist - Are They A Goldmine Or A Liability?

Have you been struggling to attract new dental patients, with growing your practice, or hiring a solid dental receptionist?

I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. Every day dentists are inundated with information on how to grow their practice, how to hire the right people, etc. It’s an overload of information and it can be difficult to decide which path to take or technique to try within your own practice.

dental receptionist at desk looking at computer

Your dental receptionist and front office staff members are the backbone of your practice. More importantly, they’re the first person a potential new patient speaks with and can set the tone of your entire dental practice.

Dental front office staff training is often overlooked, especially by online marketing companies, so that’s why we put together a full training webinar for you.

Well-trained front office staff can be a huge stumbling block for dentists who want to grow their practices. We’re here to give you the tools you need to make 2018 your practice’s best year yet!

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A Few Of The Things You’ll Learn During The Webinar…

Our goal is to present this webinar to help 2 types of dental professionals. If you’re a dentist on this webinar, we’ll provide provide you with the tools to train your front office staff to convert more phone calls to new patients.

dental receptionist answering phone sitting at computer typing on keyboard

If you’re a dental receptionist or a front office staff member, this training can help teach you the fundamentals of call answering so you can turn more phone calls into new patient appointments, actively helping your dental practice grow and thrive.

We’re Going To Talk About:
  • 3 simple strategies any dental receptionist can use to massively increase call conversion
  • A REAL client example of how one practice increased new patient bookings by 61% after applying these tactics
  • How utilizing these phone strategies properly will positively impact your entire new patient attraction strategy

Now is the time to set your practice up for success by giving your dental receptionist and front office staff the training they need.

At Firegang, we often see that 30% of phone calls go unanswered, and half of calls don’t end up in appointments.

But by attending this webinar and implementing the phone training we outline, your practice can start to thrive and you’ll be able to see just how much of a goldmine a well-trained dental receptionist and front office staff can be.