How To Create A Website That Converts Visitors To New Dental Patients

Is your dental practice’s website actively sending visitors to your competitors?


Once a potential patient lands on your website they should be immediately convinced to schedule an appointment with your office. How can you be sure it’s doing its job?


Your dental practice’s website is often the first thing potential new patients see when searching for a dentist, so make sure you create a site that works hard to convince them to schedule an appointment!

At Firegang, we work with dozens of dental practices in every part of the United States and Canada. That has given us a unique perspective on exactly what works to attract patients.

That’s why we have created this 100% free online webinar designed to give you the tools you need to make your dental practice’s website a new patient converting machine.

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Your dental practice’s website should be at the center of every marketing effort you make. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Reviews, even print advertisements all drive visitors to your website.

Once they get there it’s your website’s job to convert them to new patients as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Our latest educational webinar is designed to help two types of dental professinals.

If you’re a dentist on this webinar you'll learn EXACTLY what makes a website effective at new patient attraction.

I understand that dentists aren't web designers. and you shouldn't have to be!

If you’re a marketing manager or director who directly deals with your practice’s website, this webinar will teach you the fundamentals of a conversion-optimized website.

We'll show you exactly what changes to make to your current website to achieve an increase in new patient calls with no additional marketing spend.

Consistently attracting new patients using your dental practice’s website is absolutely possible...if you know how.

How To Create A Website That Converts Visitors To New Patients
Every Time They Visit Your Site

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of potential new patients before they leave your website. If your site is confusing, difficult to navigate, or simply looks “pretty” without giving patients what they need, you can guarantee potential new patients will leave before they have had the opportunity to learn about your dental solutions.

This is your practice’s opportunity to show you’re better than your competition. Your website should impress that new patient, but more importantly, it needs to get actually book an appointment.

By mastering the skills we’ll be sharing with you during this latest 100% FREE webinar and personalizing the strategies we share to fit your unique dental practice’s website, you’ll be able to create a secure future your practice can count on in 2018 and for years to come.

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