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Congratulations to our April Practice Of The Month: Riggs Family Dental! This month, we’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. Carlos Lopez and his practice, Riggs Family Dental. We’re going to show you how they came to be one of our most successful clients and continue to see consistent new patient growth...

Your front office staff needs to be trained to handle any question a potential patient throws at them...including the dreaded dental price shopper. According to our clients, this type of phone call is one that happens multiple times a day at their dental practices.

Have you been struggling to attract new dental patients, with growing your practice, or hiring a solid dental receptionist? I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. Every day dentists are inundated with information on how to grow their practice, how to hire the right people, etc. It’s an overload of information and...

We've worked with hundreds of dental practices over the years and we see similar problems with dental front office staff across every practice, no matter the location: Under-trained dental front office staff Missed patient calls No phone tracking Under-qualified dental front office staff ...and more Your dental front office staff are the people every new...

2018 is upon us and now is the time to start planning the changes you need to make in your dental practice in order to meet your growth goals this coming year. Putting together a budget and reviewing marketing goals is a piece of that planning, but we’ve found many dentists don’t spend enough time...

We found some great articles full of practice growth tips for busy dentists and wanted to pass them along. We know you’re busy, so this is the “best of the best” we’ve found lately. Thanks to Dental Economics, Spear Education and Dentistry IQ for sharing information included in this post!

The goal of any dental practice should be to have the phones ringing off the hook. With the phone ringing constantly, appointments can be scheduled, patients can be helped and patient service issues can be addressed. But what happens if those new patient phone calls aren't being answered by well-trained front office staff members? You miss out on...

We found some great articles full of dental growth tips and wanted to pass them along. We know you’re busy, so this is the “best of the best” we’ve found lately. Thanks to Dentistry IQ and Dental Economics for sharing information included in this post!

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