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Making sure your dental practice stands out among your competitors to attract as many new patients as possible is a goal every dental professional shares. However, in areas where there are a high number of competing practices all attempting to attract new patients, making your practice the go-to for new patients using marketing for dentists...

With some 60% of potential new patients using their mobile devices to find your dental practice, it is obvious that a great mobile website is crucial to your practice’s ongoing success. But a phenomenal mobile website is only one part of the equation.

Most dental practices make a huge mistake when it comes to their websites: Practices build their websites first and foremost with desktop computers in mind…and then maybe consider how their site looks on a mobile device. But if Google has a mobile-first strategy, then your practice’s website should have one, too.   We advise dentists...

Take a look at the best dental practices and dental websites in your area. The individual and corporate dental practices that are exponentially growing each and every year—and attracting more high-quality patients in the process. These are the practices embracing and implementing mobile marketing strategies. Unfortunately, the vast majority of practices are not taking advantage...

In our last blog post, we revealed everything you need to know about dental website design and how to create a site that actually converts web traffic into lifetime dental patients. One of the key points that we mentioned was ensuring that your dental website is designed to be mobile responsive. As promised in the post,...

Have you ever Googled your own practice? If not, pull out your smartphone or open another tab in your browser and search for “Dentist + Your Area”. If you operate in Austin, that’s the area to search. Then press enter. Did your practice just pop up? Hopefully it did. One thing’s for sure, so did...

If a dentist website isn’t drawing new patients in, something’s wrong. But even if your dental practice's website is attracting new patients, you may still be leaving money on the table. New patient figures can be deceiving because success can’t be derived from the sheer number of patients alone. It’s the total value that each new...

There are two glaring mistakes we often see committed by the majority of doctors we work with. The first is that they try to do things all on their own. The second is that they demand fast results the moment they do finally hand over to reigns to us, the dental marketing experts.

As a dental professional operating in today’s digital age, it’s a plain and simple fact that most patients will find you by your website before they walk-in or call. Therefore, your website should be an extension of your office environment. It should offer the same look and feel, and the same level of superior patient-service....

Dentistry is one of those professions where reputation means everything. No matter how good you are at teeth cleaning, orthodontics or root canals, if the general public looks at you unfavorably, for whatever reason, your new patient numbers are going to suffer. Even if those opinions are unfounded, your reputation in your local community could...

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