Specializing in Custom Web Designs

At Firegang, we believe that your website is a direct reflection of you and your business. Nearly all of your marketing, referrals, and repeat business clients will at some point venture across your website. What do you want them to think about you? Being that in most cases, perception is in fact reality, it is incredibly important that you convey the level of quality and professionalism that your business has to offer. As such, your website must be compelling, build trust, and convey that message, as it is an extension of you.

We understand what most businesses need in order to succeed online. From the unique and custom design of the site, to the ease of use for your clients, we can build it all. We don’t use templates either. Each site is custom designed from the ground up and you will receive a design mock-up before we ever launch the site. This gives you the greatest advantage over your competition, and helps to provide the highest return on investment. We have literally worked with thousands of “local” SMB clients, and as such, have tremendous knowledge to know what works or doesn’t to create an effective, results oriented website.

To learn a bit more about what we do, see our website features here, or contact us for a free consultation, and let us show you what we accomplished for our existing clients.
Below are some examples. We have many more available by request.

There Are Two Types of Web Companies Out There

  • First, there are those companies that build websites with the sole purpose of just building the site. These sites may look pretty and convey your “look and feel”, but they’re not effective. Why? There is typically one big issue with these companies: they usually don’t understand marketing. They don’t understand what it takes to get your website to show up on Google, or how to compel a visitor to call you. Many times, these sites are never found via a search engine, and thus, these sites sit buried in the abyss of billions of websites across the world.
  • Then, there are companies that build websites with the forward thinking approach to know that if your site cannot be found online by users looking up your services in Google, your chances of being noticed are small. These website design companies take a proven bottoms up approach to properly code the site so it works on all mobile devices. They code the site so Google, Yahoo, and Bing know exactly what your business does, who you are, and where to show you when your prospective customers conduct an online search. These companies also understand that just showing nice images does not necessarily mean that anyone visiting your site will want to contact you. It is these companies that will bridge effective web design with effectively optimized website coding, strong calls to action, and a site that will not only convey your desired message, but your desired result (to send new business your way). At Firegang, we understand that an effective website not only looks great, but it shows up in search engines exactly where your customers are looking.