Video Marketing

Online video marketing is one of the biggest areas of opportunity on the internet. The explosion of Youtube has proven that customers are highly interested in engaging with businesses and brands by way of video. Online visitors have many options when searching for businesses in your industry. For this reason, snag the viewer’s attention very early on and put focus into conveying the proper message. Video  can also drastically enhance search engine rankings and effective video marketing can improve the number of customers that contact you by over 100%. Video is a critical part of your internet toolkit and is considered a “must have”.

What We Do For You

  • Create, edit and upload professional premium video for the homepage of your website
  • Create additional informational videos as needed
  • Distribute all videos to over 10 different video engines
  • Optimize the keywords in the title and meta description to help search rankings
  • Use strategic keywording based on previous research to get Google rankings
  • Use expertise to shoot videos in a way that is optimal for your website & not a commercial

Why We Do It

  • Immediately gets visitors’ attention when they are comparing your business & competitors
  • Huge opportunity in a growing area of online marketing
  • Online sales person allows you to talk directly to your customer
  • Increases effectiveness of PPC, Social Media, SEO, and all other forms of marketing
  • People get to meet you and your company before they come into the office
  • Video is portable and can be used on Facebook, emails, and other marketing areas