What are Other Dentists Saying About Us?

Firegang Digital Marketing has built a sterling reputation over the years with thousands of elated clients all across the nation.  On average, the dental practices that we assist see results within their very first week of working with us, and many of them have reached sales levels of epic proportions using our time-tested marketing plans and techniques.

Enough about what we have to say though; here are just a few testimonials that we’ve received from other dentists just like you-

Dr. Robert Johnson, Mint Dental (Anchorage, Alaska)

Doctor Johnson had just recently sold his long-time practice and moved to the West Coast for a fresh start.  When he contacted the Firegang team, he explained that he had used internet marketing in the past and he knew it was valuable, but he wasn’t sure if we could deliver results since there was so much local competition.  In less than 12 months and over $5 million in billings later, here’s what this elated dentist had to say-

Someone had referred me to Firegang and I knew that they had a great reputation, but I really wasn’t expecting the complete transformation that they delivered.  They kept me pinned to the top of Google for almost every one of my major search terms and I literally started seeing new business on day one!  Month after month, we have seen significant traffic increases throughout the year.  Firegang has been incredible for my practice.”

Dr. Lance Timmerman, Dental Excellence (Seattle, WA)

We absolutely love sharing Dr. Timmerman’s story because he is a very web-savvy professional that was doing a whole lot of things right within his dental practice.  In fact, he explained to us how he had taught other dentists the basics of online marketing, but he reached out to us anyway because he thought that he could be doing a little better.  Here’s what he had to say-

“While I’ve had other companies promise me the world in terms of marketing, it can become a very expensive learning experience.  Unfortunately, it’s happened more than once.  <However>, I’m so happy to work with Firegang because the promises aren’t empty and the one on one time has been fantastic.  They educate me on what’s being done in a very comfortable way.  Just in the past week, not only was I seeing more visitors, but they stayed on the site more and came from many different places.”

Dr. Michael S. Steinmetz, Just Smile Dentistry (Cincinnati, OH)

Dr. Steinmetz has built his practice over the years the old fashioned way- strictly by word of mouth and a great “bedside manner.”  He explained to us that the Yellowpages never did anything for him, and he gave up on marketing all together once the Internet became popular.  We were absolutely thrilled that he placed his trust in us though, and his practice really took off-

“I’ve never been comfortable advertizing because I felt like I was flushing the money away.  Our website never produced leads or new patients.  Firegang let me see things different though, and within two months I saw a dramatic difference in new patients   Last year was my best year ever and my new patients range from emergency patients to new families in the area.  With Firegang’s help, we’ve been able to convert all of them to regular patients.”

Dr. Todd Rogers, Smiles of Spokane (Spokane, WA)

Doctor Todd Rogers is a hard-working dentist that really knows his practice well, but he approached us because he felt a huge disconnect when it came to online marketing.  He simply didn’t have the time to learn about things like local search optimization and reputation monitoring, so he asked us to come in and train his staff on how to kick-start his business.  Here’s what Dr, Rogers had to say-

“We’ve been working with Firegang very briefly, but what we found different is that they communicate with the people in my office that are into high tech, social media and all those things.  It allows us to get things done a lot more quickly and I am very happy with the results.  Since it frees me up to do other things, it’s been really healthy for us.”

Dr. Anibal Lopez, Summit Family Dentistry (Spokane, WA)

Dr. Anibal Lopez has been burned a few times in the past by companies promising quick results, and none of his prior website optimization efforts had led to any real increase in leads of phone calls.  Still, he knew that there had to be better options out there, and he called the Firegang crew after being recommended by another dentist.  Here’s what Dr. Lopez had to say-

“We told Firegang what went wrong with other companies, and they explained specifically what would work for my practice. It made a big difference and I was receiving more phone calls almost immediately!  They weren’t like the other companies that took two weeks to get back to me either; they did a great job!”