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When Jake or Adam speaks to dentists about how to grow a dental practice, the first thing those in attendance notice is how passionate the dynamic duo are about creating success stories. That’s because they approach every speaking engagement as an opportunity to help struggling dentists find new patients, and they simply have a gift for taking the guesswork out of online marketing.

I had a chance to hear Jake speak about how to use my website more effectively, and he shared a ton of information about online marketing, social media and getting better rankings.  I was so impressed that I had him come in and train my whole team, plus give me some one on one lessons.  He never once made me feel intimidated, and that’s pretty easy to do when we’re talking internet marketing.”

What Topics Can Firegang Speak About?

Both Jake and Adam are true internet marketing professionals that constantly have their noses buried in a new study, so they are very comfortable teaching individuals, small groups, or even full auditoriums about designing a winning website, reputation marketing, social media, search engine optimization, Google Analytics and other software, plus many dental specific techniques like developing more loyal patients and acquiring new customers.  They also have the following full courses available.

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing: The Complete Digital Marketing Lesson Plan for Dental Offices
    This course teaches the fundamentals of how the digital world operates, where new patients are searching for you, and how to optimize your online presence so customers can find you.  While it does cover some of the more advanced techniques available today, it is delivered in a very non-tech manner so beginners can walk away with a solid online marketing plan.
  • Conversion Secrets: How to Turn Web Shoppers into Long Term Buyers
    If your website is receiving steady streams of traffic that never seems to make an appointment, then this course is an absolute must for your practice.  It will teach you how to fully optimize your website to convince potential customers that you are definitely their best choice, plus it will teach several techniques for your staff to capitalize on when patients call as well.
  • Digital Reputation Management: Grabbing Good Reviews and Discarding the Bad
    In today’s digital era, reviews posted online are one of the most powerful marketing mediums in existence.  Let the Firegang team teach you how to boost your online reputation, control the bad reviews out there, and soar to the top of the local results page.  This is an exciting new topic that every dentist needs to learn.
  • How to Market Your Most Lucrative Cosmetic & Implant Services
    Getting any new patients is hard in in itself, but getting the patients you want to treat is even harder. This presentation will cover the right way to attract the new patients you want for your most lucrative and favorite services such as implants, smile makeovers and other cosmetic procedures. Topics covered will include: What the best websites must have, how to speak to high end new patients, and how to brand yourself to attract these patients.
  • Become a New Patient Whisperer: Cutting Edge Online Marketing Tactics You Can Use Tomorrow
    Online new patient marketing tactics change rapidly when strategies that worked last year quickly get picked up by your competitors and commoditize your dental services. In this presentation, Jacob Puhl will cover cutting edge online tactics guaranteed that you’ve never hear. Topics include: Facebook advertising no one is using and the secret to why corporate dentistry is winning the marketing game.

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How Do I Schedule a Speaking Engagement with Firegang?

Since Jake and Adam’s are in very high demand for speaking engagements on digital marketing topics nationwide, the easiest way to schedule an event is to simply call them directly at (800) 398-0979 or email them at admin (at)  They will be more than happy to oblige if there is any way humanly possible for them to make it, but please understand that their calendar fills up quickly and that their current clientele receives priority.