Keyword Strategy

Keywords are a crystal clear look into the minds of your potential customers. For this reason, keywords are often the foundation to a successful marketing campaign. A thorough understanding of the keywords surrounding your business and your industry must be had before any true online marketing takes place. A thorough analysis must be completed to make proper use of your marketing dollar. A comprehensive keyword strategy will answer the following questions:

  • What keywords are customers typing to find you or your competitors?
  • Which keywords are most profitable for you?
  • Are there keywords that cost you too much money?
  • Which keywords are leading to increased business?
  • Are online customers shopping you around?

What We Do

  • Complete analysis on the keywords in your business and industry
  • Formulate a keyword strategy to target the most profitable keywords
  • Identify keywords that bring in non-buying customers and waste your time and money
  • Uncover areas of opportunity where there is no competition
  • Work to optimize your overall campaign by targeting “low hanging fruit” first
  • Use multiple ad copies and measure conversions
  • Utilize all 3 search engines when needed
  • Target customers based on location and geography
  • Concentrate on the keywords that are buyers, not browsers
  • Discover what your customers think about your business by the words they use to search

Why We Do It

  • Keywords are how people search. Understanding that will give you the needed advantage in any market space
  • Most don’t understand that the difference between the word “attorney” and “lawyer” in a market can literally mean the difference of thousands of users to your site
  • Keywords are what will allow you to be found by the top search engines such as Google. How you implement them into your site is critical