Growth Starts Here

You’ve realized you need to increase new patient flow. Now what? First, we’ll need to deeply understand your situation, and what has gotten you to this place. Most marketing companies just dive into a campaign, but we know the true way to provide a solution that works, you must understand the full situation. There are no ‘shortcuts’ and true results require a truly comprehensive program.

Where Do You Fall?

Plateaued or Falling?

Situation #1: Your Revenue has Plateaued, or Fallen

We typically see doctors who are seeking more NP’s in 3 types of situations. First, they might be slowing plateauing or stagnating in revenue.  If this is you, then you’re right that there is cause for concern. Stagnant or plateauing revenue growth is somewhat of a ‘canary in the coal mine’. We’ve helped many offices climb out of this situation. Click here for some more details if this describes you.

Situation #2: Your Revenue has Grown, You Want To Dominate Your Market

Next, we see new or established clinics who want to dominate their marketplace. These practices are highly motivated, organized, have good practice management systems, and have a motivated and driven staff. There usually is a giant opportunity here for these practices because they have all the pieces in place for floods of NP’s, but just don’t have the marketing to compliment it. This is a good position to be in, as we have taken many practices to this “next level” by employing advanced techniques that the competition has not caught on to yet, thus staying ahead of the curve and winning a large set of NP’s in that. If you’re growing and want more, click here to unleash the floodgates and let the new patients start flowing in.

Situation #3: You Bought or Transitioned a Practice, or Started Brand New

Last, practice turnover is happening every day. With more and more young doctors coming out of school each year, practice growth nationwide is very active. In this situation, it’s critical that you as the doctor find a legitimate long term partner, and avoid ‘fly by the night’ companies like the plague. To grow long term, you need competent partners who will grow with you. If this sounds like you, click here for more details on what to do in this situation.

Unique Situations – None of These Sound Like You?

There’s a chance none of these scenarios describe you.  You may need a completely customized strategy, tailored to your practice’s needs. In that case, we recommend sitting down with our experts to analyze your unique situation in depth and create a comprehensive strategy fit for your practice.