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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization


Almost every company that wants to be successful over the Internet uses Search Engine Optimization. SEO is essentially a specialized field that deals with techniques that help you get excellent ranking on the web, in turn enhancing your brand’s visibility. …

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What You Should Know About PPC Services?

PPC services Cincinnati

Pay Per Click has gained a lot of popularity over the web. There are several companies that offer such services to webmasters and web owners, helping them promote their products and services online. Here is a general overview of this …

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How Images Can Help Your Local SEO Presence

Images can boost your local SEO results.

Google released Universal Search a few years ago and has since fine-tuned the search results in order to ensure the accuracy of all listings. Yet even with the fine tuning, Google still pulls results from many areas of vertical search. …

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SEO For Dentist – Best Practices

SEO Internet Marketing

As a dentist, you’re probably very familiar with print advertising and you probably use it extensively in your business to drive more new patients through your doors. You may use the Yellow Pages, your local newspaper, direct mail or an …

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PPC For Dentists – Best Practices

PPC services Cincinnati

Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) is one of the most effective methods for driving heavy amounts of targeted traffic to your dental website. PPC marketing will put your dental listing in front of potential patients when those individuals search for dentists and …

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New Survey Shows That 72% Of Consumers See Online Reviews As Trustworthy As Personal Recommendations


A new local online search survey shows that nearly two thirds of consumers see positive reviews from local businesses as akin to a receiving a recommendation from a dear friend when making buying decisions. The survey asked 18 questions to …

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Running Mobile PPC Ads on Competitors Brand Names – Ok?

Firestone pcc ad on Tire Discounter search

A much debated topic in the Pay Per Click world over the past few years has been the notion of running PPC ads on competitors brand names. In the small business digital marketing world, this happens quite often.  When it …

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Is Twitter Still Good for Business?

Twitter SMB

Twitter recently announced that it has over 300 million users, yet many business owners remain confused over how to use Twitter for lead generation purposes. Micro-blogging, or Tweeting, sounds straight forward enough. Simply keep your messages to under 140-characters and …

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Google Reps Manually Reconfiguring Adwords Ad Groups?

Adwords Express help?

Over the past year, we have no doubt heard more and more clients tell us they have been receiving phone calls from Google reps. These are usually Adwords or Adwords Express reps calling small business owners to make them aware …

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What is holding you back from ranking in the Maps? Find out.

Google Maps SEO

Just like regular, organic search engine rankings, ranking in the Google Maps (Local SEO) is largely determined by one basic attribute of your business: Trust. What is “trust”? One way to gain trust in the real world is through consistency. …

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