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Easier Google MapMaker Interface Rolls Out to the US – Finally!

Google mapmaker rolls out changes

Earlier this month, Mike Blumenthal reported that Google MapMaker users in Canada were experiencing an incredibly easy time using the service. Meanwhile, US Map Maker users were having a heck of a time navigating the platform and getting anything done. …

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A Phone Call With Google+ & Places Support – Our impressions, directions, & takeaways

Google Now Providing Phone Support for Places Verification – What Took So Long?

Back in May of 2012, in a move that angered and confused many business owners, Google began to merge its Google+ and Places platforms together to form …

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Google MapMaker Updates & It’s Impact on Google+ / Places Listings


Google MapMaker is Google’s mapping interface to coincide with its Maps program (which is a direct feed to all business listings – keep this in mind as it’s very important to be aware of). For those areas where Google can’t …

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Garnering Reviews – Multi Step Approach


We are asked many times about our methods in helping our clients garner reviews from their clients. The simple fact is, is that it takes a bit of work, however, it can be a game changer. Consider this, according to …

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Google Devaluing Places Listings – Again…

Dentist with no meta description

Yesterday, Google decided that it was a good idea to remove all meta descriptions from their blended Places results. As you see below, the ability for a business owner to convey a message to help drive action is minimized. So, …

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Descriptions Missing from Google Places

Google Maps SEO

Business owners have long battled Google glitches in the Maps system. Addresses are known to change, locations can be off, and listings have sometimes altogether disappeared for short periods of time.  The good news is these glitches are usually fixed …

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What is holding you back from ranking in the Maps? Find out.

Google Maps SEO

Just like regular, organic search engine rankings, ranking in the Google Maps (Local SEO) is largely determined by one basic attribute of your business: Trust. What is “trust”? One way to gain trust in the real world is through consistency. …

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Google Maps showing glitches and errors

Google Maps Errors

As a heads up to business owners and website administrators, we are seeing many glitches and errors in Google Maps over the past 30 days.  Obviously this can be very frustrating but rest assured the errors and glitches have been …

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Are you showing up on the Google Map? Bing? Yahoo?


One of the first things a business should do when looking to increase business and drive leads online is take a look at the current landscape and rankings.  You want to answer a few questions for yourself in the beginning.  …

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