About Us

We are a talented team of individuals who live, eat, and breathe internet marketing. Having worked with thousands of small businesses, we have a deep appreciation for the challenges many small businesses face and we know what it takes to make your business thrive.

We understand that you have been called, emailed, and inundated by self proclaimed “SEO” companies, or “internet marketers” that “promise” top results, best position, or a limitless flow of perfect clients with their wallets open.

We don’t make false claims, we only deliver results. Unlike these self proclaimed SEO spammers, we are local people and local consumers who know your target markets inside and out. We provide exceptional, first-rate results and support as demonstrated by our many client testimonials. We answer the phone when you call, we reply promptly to your emails, and we have your back every single step of the way.

We are not some sales rep working for some national company that is trying to dive into this market. Instead, we are the ones building these campaigns with the proven track record, dedication, and authority that others only claim to bring to the table.

And like you do with your business, we take tremendous pride in what we do. Your success is our success. We believe that while your involvement in your marketing is important, it should not consume your time or keep you from doing what you do best: running your company.

Firegang is far more than some run-of-the-mill internet marketing company. We focus on all aspects of digital marketing including:

  • Paid placement
  • Reputation Management
  • And Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

In the world of internet marketing and a competitive SMB marketplace, you can’t afford NOT to work with a company that understands the intricacies of the digital world. With the internet constantly changing and with new technologies and internet marketing business practices evolving all the time, you need the experts to ensure that your potential clients call you and not your competitors. We are the internet marketing experts you’ve been searching for.

But don’t take our word for it – just ask our clients. Ask them about our results, support, and professionalism. When you do, we are confident that you will find yourself looking at the perfect business for your digital marketing needs. Consider us professionals who will fight tooth and nail to garner the competitive advantage your company needs to advance to the next level. Now that we have that covered, you may be asking, “Why the name Firegang?”

It’s simple, really. The Fire in Firegang represents power in the real world. Fire also represents passion. Small businesses that apply the principles of internet marketing with passion and precision will see phenomenal results, period. Local businesses have been slow to adopt this form of marketing. For this reason, there are tremendous opportunities for SMBs to leverage this technology before their competitors get a chance to. Apply the principles outlined in Firegang’s teachings with discipline and consistency and your business will ignite.

Firegang has been in operation in one form or another since 2006. The principals of the company have helped literally thousands of small businesses throughout the country migrate their small businesses online, create an online presence, and drive business and leads using the internet. The principal owners at Firegang are always available for speaking and provide in-depth local seminars as well.