One Team, One Goal

We care about one thing, and one thing only: Getting new patients in your chair. That’s it. We’ve found over the past 10 years, digital advertising has been the single most powerful strategy a doctor has to drive new patients. With our central office operating in the famous “Steamplant Building” in downtown Spokane, Washington, over 25 team members work for our clients to win the hearts of new patients on a daily basis.

What Makes Us Different?

We know you have many, many choices when deciding who is going to be your long term partner, and we know the decision is not easy. Here are just a few reasons to set up an appointment to discuss the strategy that will finally work for you.

  • Experience
    As the saying goes, “buy cheap buy twice.” We have cumulatively over 2 decades of experience with advanced, high level digital marketing. Ultimately, there are only two options when it comes to marketing your dental practice – the right way and the wrong way. We’ve literally invested over one million dollars in learning and training over the past decade, including becoming a Google Certified Partner, to ensure that we are always well ahead of the curve when it comes to the best possible online marketing practices.
  • Proven Results and Case Studies
    We’re sure that you want to see some actual results from real life dental practices that were transformed by our marketing process.  That’s why we share stories like Monk Dental that went from a startup with no patients to over five million dollars in annual revenue under our proven search optimization and marketing techniques.
  • Reputation
    We take great pride in our reputation the dental community and are proud to say we are Google Certified. You’ll also see us on Dentaltown, in industry leading podcasts, on, and speaking at various study clubs and associations.
  • Cutting Edge Tactics
    Additionally, the Firegang team is very big on measuring results and we track absolutely every aspect of your campaigns. From keyword analysis to search optimization to paid searches, you will be able to see the exact steps we take on your behalf and how it affects your return on investment. This also lets us continually increase your conversion rates throughout each campaign by constantly optimizing your site for the best possible results.

Do You Work with Dentists Only?

Yes, we do. Though we have a handful of clients in other industries from our beginnings as a company, we now take on exclusively dental clients. We live, breathe, sleep, and eat dentistry… and love it.

What Does Firegang Mean?

How did we originally came up with Firegang? Fire means both passion (our dedication to make you succeed) and great power (our superior knowledge of how to market your dental practice).

Fire = power (the internet)

Gang = group (our clients)

So, we believe that the doctors and practices who utilize the internet and digital strategies for new patient growth will be in a powerful and superior group (or gang), far surpassing and outperforming their competitors.

We think of our clients as part of a select tribe of dental practices who have figured out how to leverage the internet and digital technologies to gain massive exposure to new patients and drive massive revenue growth.