About Us

Since 2006, Firegang Internet Marketing has held firm to a simple belief; marketing campaigns should never cost your business a penny in expense.  Because if we know what we’re doing, then your profit margins will skyrocket and your business will be turned onto auto-pilot for great things in the future.  And after thousands of successful campaigns for local business owners, you’d better believe that we know what we’re doing.

So what makes us so successful?  The short answer is that we do not take any shortcuts to make your business thrive.  We deliver-

  • World-class customer service.  We are always available to answer your questions day or night.
  • Personalized attention.  Our first goal is to always learn everything we can about you, your business, and your ideal customer.
  • Detailed analysis.  Call us geeks, but we believe on tracking everything and proving our results.  That way, you’re never left guessing.
  • Proven Marketing Techniques.  The Firegang staff is experts in all forms of Internet Marketing and we follow strict procedures to ensure your success.

Our Approach

Ultimately, there are only two options when it comes to Internet Marketing- the right way and the wrong way.  Firegang Internet Marketing has invested over one million dollars in training over the past decade to become a Google Certified Partner, plus to ensure that we are always well ahead of the curve when it comes to the best possible online marketing practices.  This applies to building beautiful websites, generating leads through paid and organic searches, plus monitoring your online reputation and implementing sound keyword strategies.

Additionally, the Firegang team is very big on measuring results and we track absolutely every aspect of your campaigns.  From keyword analysis to search optimization to paid searches, you will be able to see the exact steps we take on your behalf and how it affects your return on investment.  This also lets us continually increase your conversion rates throughout each campaign by constantly optimizing your site for the best possible local results.

Proven Results & Case Studies

While we generally don’t like to brag, we’re sure that you want to see some actual results from real life dental practices that were transformed by our marketing process.  That’s why we share stories like Mint Dental that went from a start-up with no clients to over five million dollars in annual revenue under our proven search optimization and marketing techniques.  While these results were outstanding, we have produced similar success stories all across the United States for thousands of businesses.

Just take a look at our completely unedited testimonials page to hear what others have to say about us.

Why Choose Firegang?

Firegang Internet Marketing for Business is a Google Certified Partner that has set the industry standard for excellence since 2006.  With thousands of satisfied dental practices and other clients over the years, you can feel confident that we always over-deliver while giving you the peace of mind that your campaigns are being handled by true professionals.

As a dentist, you have a huge responsibility to your patients, your employees and the daily operation of your business.  We know that it’s not easy and the Firegang team has tons of respect for the important service that you provide your community.  Let us help you by taking a huge burden off of your shoulders and driving in new patients daily to your practice.  Because when it comes to Internet Marketing professionals for the dental industry, there is simply no better choice than Firegang.  Our industry-leading results time after time clearly speak for themselves.